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Gunning Headlines Road To Celtic Colours Ceilidh

first_imgThe road to Cape Breton’s Celtic Colours International Festival will run through Sherbrooke again this year. On Thursday, Oct. 6, the night before the official Celtic Colours kickoff, award-winning singer-songwriter Dave Gunning will headline the second annual Road To Celtic Colours Ceilidh at the Sherbrooke Village Courthouse. Other featured performers will be acclaimed Celtic harpists Ardyth & Jennifer along with regular Courthouse performers Roly & Ellie Burton with Bob MacDonald. “This special Ceilidh will be a fitting way to cap what has been a successful concert series,” said George Brothers, manager of program development at Sherbrooke Village. “We’re very pleased to have artists such as Dave Gunning and Ardyth and Jennifer returning to perform in our Courthouse. This event will provide people with the opportunity to take a scenic road to Cape Breton and get a head start on the musical magic that is Celtic Colours.” Tickets for the Ceilidh, which starts at 7:30 p.m., are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. For more information call 1-888-743- 7845.last_img read more

JU tree audit to create flora data bank

first_imgKolkata: Jadavpur University (JU) on Thursday kicked-off tree audit on its main campus to create a data bank of the variety of flora inside the sprawling campus.The move, which is the first ever initiative on the part of the varsity comes in the wake of allegations from members of Jadavpur University Teachers’ Association that some trees have been cut down inside the main campus. “We have began the process of tree audit in the campus. There will be scientific mapping of the trees and the species will be classified along with their names . We will also demarcate the trees that have medicinal value. GPS technology is being adopted for the exercise” said Snehamanju Basu, Registrar of JU. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaThe JU campus abounds in trees of various species but scientific method of plantation has hardly been followed. “The mapping and zone wise categorization will also help us in adopting a scientific method of plantation on future,” a senior JU official said. The mapping will be done based upon latitude and longitude. “We will prepare a list , name the various species and demarcate the place in the map with exact locations of the trees. We will put up a display board along with the scientific name and medicinal value, if any,” said Soumyajit Biswas, deputy director (eastern region) of National Medicinal Plant Board which is executing the work for the census. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayJUTA members in the middle of July had presented photos of two chopped off tree planks to the university authorities and had alleged that trees are being chopped down keeping the varsity in the dark. They had alleged involvement of a section of employees of the varsity in connivance with a racket in the illegal act. There are mahogany, mango, arjun, sirish, krishnachura and many other trees inside the 58 acres of land in the main campus of JU.last_img read more

Gesundheit Stifling a sneeze can cause injuries in rare cases experts say

first_imgTORONTO – With cases of flu continuing to rise in Canada, there’s likely a whole lot of “achooing” going on across the country. But ear, nose and throat doctors advise against trying to stifle those sneezes, as such suppression can in rare cases lead to injuries.One of the most serious is detailed in the journal BMJ Case Reports, published online Monday, in which a 34-year-old man from the United Kingdom ruptured his throat after pinching his nose and clamping his mouth shut to contain a forceful sneeze.The post-sneeze trauma left the man in pain and barely able to speak or swallow.When emergency care doctors examined the patient, they heard popping and crackling sounds extending from his neck to his rib cage — a sign that air bubbles had found their way into the tissue and muscles of his chest, the authors at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust write.The unidentified man, who was treated in hospital for a week, was advised against repeating such a “dangerous manoeuvre” in the future.“This tear in the throat is incredibly unusual,” said Dr. Douglas Chepeha, an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist at University Health Network in Toronto. “In my career, I’ve never seen anything like that.”However, he said there are a number of other injuries that could occur from trying to block a sneeze, though they, too, are relatively rare.Impeding the release of air from the nose and mouth during a sneeze could rapidly increase the pressure in the lungs, forcing the air out and trapping it in the chest between the lungs — a condition known as pseudomediastinum.A suppressed sneeze could also build up pressure in the middle ear, though Chepeha said bursting an eardrum that way is very rare. (To understand the effect, think of popping one’s ears in a descending airplane by breathing out against pinched nostrils to restore hearing.)In the BMJ case report, authors point out that thwarting a sneeze — the body’s attempt to eliminate such irritants as mucus or allergens in the nose — could conceivably rupture an undetected aneurysm, or ballooning blood vessel, in the brain.And it could also cause small surface blood vessels in the eyes and other areas of the head and neck to burst due to built-up pressure, Chepeha said.“In your nose itself, you can burst a blood vessel and get a bleeding nose.”Even without being impeded, sneezing has been known to cause injuries, said Dr. Eric Monteiro, an ENT at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.“There have been reports of elderly women who develop brittle bones in osteoporosis, developing vertebral compression fractures as a result of sneezing,” he said Monday in an interview.Some Major League Baseball players have hurt themselves by sneezing, including Toronto Blue Jay Kevin Pillar, who ended up on the 10-day disabled list when a sneeze led to an oblique muscle strain during the 2015 pre-season.So is there a right way to sneeze?Not really, said Monteiro, explaining that sneezing is an involuntary protective reflex that can’t necessarily be controlled.“But I think there is a wrong way, which is trying to plug your nose and close your mouth, which is just generally not recommended because you inhibit the natural process,” he said.“And if you do that, you’re potentially setting yourself up for an injury, notwithstanding the fact that they’re rare.”While doctors may discourage people from stifling a sneeze — whether it’s a dainty achoo or a big honk — Chepeha said people should deliver it into their inner elbows to prevent spreading the flu virus or other air-borne bugs.“Of course you have to cover your mouth, and the absolute best way is to cough or sneeze into your sleeve.”– Follow @SherylUbelacker on Twitter.last_img read more

Manitoba Tories show some support for Liberal bill banning weight discrimination

first_imgWINNIPEG – A move to ban discrimination based on weight and size under Manitoba’s human rights code has moved a step closer to becoming law, although the Progressive Conservative government has not yet committed to passing it.Liberal legislature member Jon Gerrard has tried three times to get support for a private member’s bill that would add weight and size as grounds for human rights protection. He didn’t get any support for his previous two attempts, but the Tories have now voted in favour of sending Gerrard’s bill to a legislature committee for public hearings Wednesday night.“There’s no guarantee it will pass all the way, but we believe we’ve got some really good presenters at committee stage and we’re hopeful,” Gerrard said Tuesday.Justice Minister Cliff Cullen would not make any promises beyond listening to what people have to say.“We will reserve comment until we’ve had the opportunity to listen to Manitobans at committee,” Cullen said in a brief written statement.“We look forward to discussing ways to better ensure that all Manitobans are treated fairly and equitably.”Gerrard has long said overweight people need protection because many have been bullied, shamed, passed over for promotions or denied health-care services.The bill also proposes protection for people with dwarfism.Lindsey Mazur, a dietician and spokesperson for Manitobans Against Weight Stigma, said the proposed law is needed.“Certainly I have heard about promotions and jobs being denied based on size,” Mazur said. “This affects so many areas of society, all the way to our children and bullying.”Some people have been told they will not receive medical services unless they first lose weight, she added.Manitoba’s human rights code bans discrimination on several grounds including age, gender, religion, sexual orientation and disability.Across Canada, there have been human rights commission rulings in favour of obese persons, but they have been limited to people considered disabled because of their obesity.In 2010, the Quebec Human Rights Commission ruled a morbidly obese woman was discriminated against by her condominium association when she was denied a handicapped parking spot.Gerrard said people should not have to be obese to the point of being disabled before they can be protected from discrimination.last_img read more

Uterus Scam Reluctant Bihar govt sanctions 1288 crore for victims

first_imgNew Delhi: In a major setback to Bihar government, which is led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the Patna High Court order forced the state government to cough-up Rs 12.88 crore compensation to the victims of infamous ‘uterus scam’ that was unearthed in 2012.As per the official sources, the Bihar government, which was reluctant to accept any irregularities in the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY), finally sanctioned Rs 12.88 crore in March 2019 following the Patna HC order dated September 25, 2018. The incident relates to the forceful removal of the uterus of women and underage girls by ‘doctors’ without taking victims’ consent. Interestingly, some fake the doctors were also in the team that carried out the mass operation. Notably, a total of 702 women, including some unmarried girls, were operated upon to remove their uteruses under the medical insurance scheme for poor families in eight different districts during the year 2012. As per the verdict, the Patna HC had ordered the government in September 2018 to pay compensation within six weeks to all the victims of a uterus scam. An HC division bench comprising Chief Justice MR Shah and Justice Ashutosh Kumar, while hearing a PIL filed by Veterans Forum for Transparency in Public Life, ordered that all investigations in the scam, if pending, must be completed within six weeks followed by filing of chargesheets against accused doctors and others. The forum was represented by counsel Dinu Kumar. The maximum cases of unauthorized and illegal operations of uterus were registered in Gopalganj (318) followed by Samastipur, where 316 women and girls fell victim of illegal surgery. The orders issued by the state home department to the District Magistrates of the concerned districts stipulated that compensation of Rs 2.50 lakh each be paid to the women between 20 and 40, and those above 40 would be paid Rs 1.50 lakh each. In August 2012, Bihar Human Rights Commission (BHRC) took suo-motu cognizance of reports about irregularities in cases of uterus removal under the scheme. He also sought a report from the state government and an expert committee was formed, following CM’s directive. The scam was exposed when the then Samastipur DM Kundan Kumar had organised special medical camps to re-examine the women, after the administration received complaints about unnecessary surgeries.last_img read more

ALC and ALIF Serving Students Teachers and the Community

Fez – The American Language Center (ALC) and the Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF) offer a variety of clubs and activities to serve both Moroccan and foreign students. It participates in community service, furthers the education of students, and helps teachers develop their skills.Apart from interactive classes to teach English and Arabic, the ALC strives to enhance students’ knowledge by providing extracurricular activities and entertaining educational, cultural events as well as by providing entertainment.The Center achieves its objectives through hiring the best teachers, whether they are Moroccans or native speakers of English, and exposing students to a variety of extracurricular activities that provide an anxiety-free atmosphere that helps develop intrinsic motivation. ALC Film Club: students are discussing answers which they’ve submitted on Socrative (by Jamal Morelli)As a step towards promoting competitiveness and encouraging students to learn English, the ALC gives students in public schools and universities the chance to study for free and benefit from the resources in the library and the various clubs organized by the administration.In an interview with Morocco World News, ALC Director David Amster said, “The purpose of the clubs and activities is to help Moroccan and foreign students learn about the other’s culture and to provide an opportunity to practice English and Arabic outside of class.”During an Activity of ALC Photography Club (by the club)Members of the Center can choose from various activities to suit their interests. If a student is an avid reader, the ALC Book Club, run by Mitch Virchick, is dedicated to promoting reading. Attendees enjoy reading novels and poems with a thorough discussion of themes and cultural issues and provides the opportunity to use English authentically. To encourage literacy in Moroccan students, the library can be used by all ALC students and library members, and the bookstore offers books starting at MAD 20.Film lovers can also enjoy their passion. Jamal Morelli, an innovative and energetic teacher at the Center, presents a film each Friday afternoon and enables his students to hold Skype conversations with native speakers as a pre- or post-watching activity in addition to group interaction and the pedagogical use of social media. Every Friday evening at the ALIF Riad in Batha there is a film in Darija or Arabic, which Moroccan and foreign students watch and discuss afterwards. There is also an excellent collection of 1,000 DVDs that anyone can borrow for free.During an Activity of ALC-FEZ &ALIF Cooking Club (by the club)Additionally, the administration often invites scholars from Morocco, the larger Arab world, and foreign countries to give lectures in their fields of specialization. Recently Leila Abouzeid, renowned author of Year of the Elephant, gave a fascinating lecture to ALC and ALIF students.For those who like sports, the ALC sponsors a football team (the most famous sport in Morocco). The team participates in a yearly tournament involving ALCs around Morocco.Community Service Club ALC-Fes & ALIF (by the club)To promote the spirit of volunteering, the ALC-ALIF Community Service Club, a group of Moroccan and foreign students, organizes various charitable activities for youth to participate in, such as donating blood, tutoring needy children, cleaning public spaces, and gathering clothes for the impoverished. Additionally, the Club has improved the skills of students through workshops on public speaking, leadership, and art.The ALC also provides courses for teachers to brush up and enhance their skills. Currently the Center is providing a scholarship for public school teachers to further increase their knowledge of English.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

UK issues ultimatum

Britain has issued a virtual ultimatum to the government saying if there is insufficient progress on Sri Lanka’s own commitments, or deterioration in the human rights situation, Britain will look for a strong and unified response at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva.British Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Alistair Burt had informed the British House of Commons last week that Britain continues to raise concerns about lack of progress on post-conflict reconciliation, accountability, and the current human rights situation with the Government of Sri Lanka. “We co-sponsored the Human Rights Council Resolution on Sri Lanka which passed with increased support in March 2013. The council will return to the issue of Sri Lanka in September and next March. If that is against the backdrop of insufficient progress on Sri Lanka’s own commitments, or deterioration in the human rights situation, we will look for a strong and unified response,” Burt warned. Burt said that in attending CHOGM, the British Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary will see the situation on the ground, speak with the Government of Sri Lanka, and draw international attention to either progress made or the lack of it. “We have been clear that we expect progress in both these areas and also access by media and civil society to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), as well as free, fair and peaceful Northern Provincial Council elections in September,” he had said, according to the House of Commons hansard. read more

UN aid agencies agree to strengthen cooperation in providing food aid to

The head of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), James Morris, and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Ruud Lubbers, signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) in front of UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in Durban, South Africa, where all three officials are attending the launch of the African Union.“I think this partnership emphasizes the determination of the two agencies to implement their operations effectively,” Mr. Annan told reporters at the signing ceremony. “I hope and trust that the donors will also continue to support us and enhance their support in material and financial terms.”The MOU updates one originally signed in 1985 and reflects the changes in refugee programmes around the world, such as attention to the needs of refugee women and children to guarantee their protection against abuse, the two agencies said in a statement.In addition, protracted refugee programmes have led the two agencies to refocus their strategies in order to make refugees more self-sufficient by establishing income-generating activities and negotiating with host countries to incorporate refugees’ specific needs into national development plans.According to the agreement, WFP, which traditionally has procured and transported food aid for refugee caseloads over 5,000 people, will also now assume on a temporary basis responsibility from UNHCR for distributing the supplies. If the new division of labour proves more effective, the UN food agency will take over the task worldwide. read more

UN agencies set to start new phase of aid for droughtstricken northern

With no rains anticipated before April in parts of the Sool and Sanaag regions, further losses to livestock and other assets are expected, according to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), which is calling for prompt intervention to stem the problem. “The situation is fragile,” UNICEF Somalia Emergency Officer Robert McCarthy said. “Our planning is based on the assumption that children will be increasingly vulnerable to malnutrition and disease in the coming weeks.” He added that nomadic communities which have lost significant numbers of their livestock will require outside food and supplies to survive. Growing tension between the local administrations in Northwest Somalia (‘Somaliland’) and Northeast Somalia (‘Puntland’), both claiming the affected areas as their territory, is creating some concern among humanitarian agencies. UNICEF said operations could be jeopardized or even halted if the situation escalates into violent conflict. In the past, efforts to reach the affected communities – often in remote areas – were possible thanks to cooperation between the two administrations. UNICEF Somalia Senior Programme Officer Leila Pakkala urged that this continue. “We appeal to them to maintain a stable environment and ensure the continuity and effectiveness of response activities,” she said. Failed rains over the past four years have caused large-scale food insecurity among pastoral people in parts of northern Somalia. A joint mission in October, led by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), found the population hard hit by loss of livestock and purchasing power. In two recent missions, the last ending on 2 January, 10 teams supported by UNICEF and the UN World Health Organization (WHO) visited 72 villages, providing vaccination, clinical and antenatal care, and dry supplementary rations to complement UN World Food Programme (WFP) distributions. Later this week, UNICEF and WFP are set to begin the second phase of food, medical and nutritional interventions. read more

Premium pay TV channel Starz renews deal to get Sony movies through

Premium pay TV channel Starz renews deal to get Sony movies through 2021 LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Premium pay TV channel Starz said Monday that it has renewed its agreement to carry movies from Sony Pictures through films hitting U.S. theatres in 2021. The deal, which was seen as a must-win for the channel, comes two months after Netflix snatched future Disney movies from Starz.The deal will extend Sony’s relationship with Starz by five years, giving the channel access to major Hollywood releases into the future. Disney movies released in 2016 and beyond will play on Netflix’s streaming service instead of Starz.Analysts speculated that Starz is paying anywhere from $250 million to $400 million per year, an increase from the estimated $200 million it is paying Sony currently.Starz CEO Chris Albrecht said in a securities filing, “we believe the terms are consistent with other recent agreements between traditional premium TV networks and major Hollywood studios,” without elaborating.The wording suggested Starz was paying more than $200 million annually, but less than $350 million a year, which is what Netflix is estimated to pay Disney.Netflix isn’t considered a “traditional” pay TV network, but its service, at $8 a month, is seen as increasingly competing with premium pay TV channels such as HBO, Showtime and Starz, which cost $15 a month.Starz had 21 million subscribers as of the end of September. Netflix has 27 million subscribers at year-end.Both Netflix and Showtime were bidders for the movies, according to a person familiar with the matter who wasn’t authorized to comment publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.Last month, Netflix Inc. CEO Reed Hastings told analysts on a conference call he was interested in going after Sony movies. “Our appetite is just like it was for Disney, it’s strong,” he said. However, he added that “there is no specific piece of content that we must have.”Disney content was seen as more important for Netflix, which is raising the profile of its children’s programming and has a devoted kids audience.In comparison, Sony has put big-budget, popular movies in theatres including “The Amazing Spider Man,” ”Zero Dark Thirty” and “Men in Black 3,” and has a stronger focus on movies rated PG-13. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Ryan Nakashima, The Associated Press Posted Feb 11, 2013 2:12 pm MDT read more

Elizabeth Is lost dress to go on display at Hampton Court after thousand

Eleri Lynn, curator of the HRP dress collection, told the Telegraph that, when they unpicked the back and removed a linen cover, they could see that the embroidery had been worked directly on to a cloth of silver, an astonishing achievement, making… Queen Elizabeth I was famed for the magnificence of her dresses, and there was excitement four years ago when an altar cloth in a tiny church in Herefordshire was identified as possibly the only surviving fabric from one of them. Now, after 1,000 hours of conservation and research by the Historic Royal Palaces (HRP), the skill of the 16th-century embroiderer who lavishly enhanced a cloth of silver was even more extraordinary than previously realised.

Ireland dramatically improves its recycling rates

first_imgAustria – 63 per centGermany – 62 per centBelgium – 58 per centThe Netherlands – 51 per centSwitzerland – 51 per centOverall, 35 per cent of waste was recycled in 2010, up from 23 per cent in 2001.“In a relatively short time, some countries have successfully encouraged a culture of recycling, with infrastructure, incentives and public awareness campaigns,” said EEA executive director Jacqueline McGlade.“But others are still lagging behind, wasting huge volumes of resources. The current intense demand for some materials should alert countries to the clear economic opportunities in recycling.”Download the full report here> IRELAND HAS RAISED its recycling rate from 11 per cent to 36 per cent in just nine years, according to the EEA.The latest figures (from 2010) show that Ireland and the UK had the fastest increases in the decade. Ireland, along with Norway and Poland, also reduced the greatest proportion of waste going to landfill.Austria, Germany and Belgium recycled the largest proportion of municipal waste in 2010.The EEA says that although many countries have rapidly improved, Europe is still wasting vast quantities of valuable resources by sending them to landfill.Some nations are still at risk of falling short of legally-binding recycling targets. By 2020, all countries are expected to meet EU-mandated targets of 50 per cent. Just five countries have achieved that target so far:last_img read more

Nintendo introduces Wii U as a socialfocused console

first_imgLate yesterday Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata gave a pre-E3 presentation focused entirely on the Wii U. What he revealed is the first details of a machine that is centered around social gaming, be that multiplayer or single-player experiences.Details about games and hardware specs will come later this week, but Nintendo decided to pre-empt E3 kicking off by presenting some of the the Wii U features it sees as unique.Typically a new console is launched by showing off a range of games that demonstrate what the hardware can do. That’s not the case for the Wii U, which is clearly another step away from the traditional gaming model, just as the Wii was back in 2006. Where as the Wii’s main focus and selling point was motion control, the Wii U’s focus point is socially-connected gaming, with social aspects included in every aspect of the experience.Gamepad re-designIwata starts by showing off the changes to the Wii U Gamepad, which now has two thumbsticks instead of circle pads. They can also be clicked like a button for an additional layer of functionality. The D-pad and main buttons have changed position slightly to aid comfort, and new grips have been added to the back, again to aid comfort.Inside the controller Nintendo includes both motion and gyro sensors, which are typical in all devices now, and it would be more surprising not to see them form part of the hardware.The one new feature confirmed for the Gamepad is the inclusion of an NFC reader/writer. Nintendo intends to use this for allowing content to be read from cards, which could mean cards ship with games. Alternatively, Nintendo is going to start selling a range of cards that carry new content or even unlock full games.The Second ScreenWe learn in the video that the Gamepad can act as a TV remote, fully replacing your existing remote control while also being able to control whether the Wii U console is on or off. It will even carry a TV guide allowing you to choose what to watch without overlaying content on the TV.Beyond that, Nintendo refers to the touchscreen on the Gamepad as “The Second Screen.” That encompasses a range of functionality including the promise of being able to view whatever is on your main TV on the Gamepad screen, effectively allowing you to play Wii U games independently of a TV.That play away from TV feature extends to using the Wii U with other Nintendo hardware. For example, you can use the Gamepad as the display for your Wii Fit. You can also combine the Gamepad with a Wii Remote for unique input, although the example of putting the Gamepad on the floor and using the Wiimote as a golf club isn’t great. It left me asking “why?”Miiverse and social gamingThe big push for the Wii U is social gaming. Whenever you boot up the Wii U the first thing you will see is the Miiverse and Mii Wara Wara. This “gathering” is basically a menu interface for games you own (and some you don’t) surrounded by Miis representing your family, friends, and people who are playing the same games as you who happen to be online.Using the Gamepad it is easy to chat with any of these people either by typing or scribbling messages with the stylus on the touchscreen. These messages get displayed as speech bubbles above your Mii, although I’m sure Nintendo will have an option to private chat.The interaction goes well beyond just chat, though. You can establish a video link with someone, or post messages a lot like a Twitter feed. Where Nintendo introduce something new is by promising to directly integrate this feature into every game.Regardless of whether a game has multiplayer features or is single-player focused, Miis will feature. The progress of other people playing the same game will be portrayed by their Mii head. They can leave messages of encouragement or tips on what to do, and it looks as though you’ll be able to view players playing the same area of a game so you can chat with them if you wish. The fact this will feature in single-player games could be as frustrating as it is helpful, and this is certainly something Nintendo has to prove works.A very poor gaming exampleAs part of Iwata’s talk he lets us watch what Nintendo feels will be a typical gaming situation. It’s cringe worthy to say the least, and does nothing to show off these social aspects in a good light. However, it could be down to the poor acting (and script) more than the actual social features being demonstrated. You can watch the video below:Nintendo is clearly focusing on getting gamers help when they need it, and allowing the Wii U community to provide that help. To begin with the social features will be Wii U-focused, but communication through the 3DS, smartphones, tablets, and pretty much any web-connected device is promised in the near future.Wii U Pro ControllerIt is only briefly mentioned, but just like the Wii Nintendo is catering for more intense gameplay by offering a more typical gaming controller. It is called the Wii U Pro Controller and may remind you of another gaming controller offered by Microsoft.But what about the hardware and games?It’s clear why Nintendo chose to do a pre-E3 briefing. The social aspects of the Wii U are new and different, and don’t really fit with the traditional console introductions focusing on games and hardware. These sharing and interaction features would no doubt be lost if talked about next to a new Zelda or Mario game, so Nintendo is getting them out of the way first.The real Wii U introduction begins tomorrow, at which point we need to be convinced the console is an impressive machine in terms of its graphical performance and the games that are joining it at launch.last_img read more

Get Personalized Podcast Recommendations from Pandora

first_img Podcasts Are TV Shows Now With ‘Limetown’ Trailer‘Marvels’ Expands Marvel’s Podcast Universe Streaming music provider Pandora is now doling out personalized podcast recommendations.The Internet radio firm today introduced the Podcast Genome Project—a cataloging system and discovery algorithm that combines technology and human curation to deliver new content.“It might feel like podcasts are ubiquitous, but 83 percent of Americans aren’t yet listening to podcasts on a weekly basis, and a majority of them report that’s because they simply don’t know where to start,” Pandora CEO Roger Lynch said in a statement.“Making podcasts—both individual episodes and series—easy to discover and simple to experience,” he continued, “is how we plan to greatly grow podcast listening while simultaneously creating new and more sustainable ways to monetize them.”The Podcast Genome Project evaluates content based on 1,500-plus attributes (MPAA ratings, timely and evergreen topics, production style, content type, host profile, etc.) and recommends the right netcasts to the right listeners at the right time.Users signal their enjoyment (or lack thereof) via thumbs, skips, and replays.At the heart of Pandora is the Music Genome Project, described by the firm as “the most sophisticated taxonomy of music information ever collected.”Each song in the system is analyzed using up to 400 distinct musical characteristics; Pandora recognizes and responds to individual’s tastes, giving users a personalized radio experience.Similarly, the new podcast program combines machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and collaborative filtering methods with an expert in-house curation team.“The Podcast Genome Project’s unique episode-level understanding of content knows exactly what podcast you’ll want to discover next,” according to Chief Product Officer Chris Phillips. “And will serve it up through a seamless in-product experience that is uniquely personalized to each listener and will continue to grow with their tastes over time.”Beta access is now rolling out to select listeners on mobile devices. Those interested in early access can sign up online; keep an eye out for general availability in the coming weeks.At launch, Pandora has partnered with publishers Gimlet, NPR, Slate, The New York Times, The Ringer, and WNYC Studios, among others. It will also continue to feature existing podcasts including “Serial,” “This American Life,” and Pandora’s original “Questlove Supreme.”More podcast coverage on Siri, Tell Me the News: Apple Expands Podcast-Playing FunctionNew Original Spotify Podcasts Focus on Music in CultureGo to Mars With NASA’s New ‘On a Mission’ Podcast Series Stay on targetlast_img read more

Pressure on to get Barbuda people back home

first_img August 30th – One Year since Hurricane Irma named Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Barbuda, October 10, 2017 – Barbuda, which had to evacuate the entire island population following its decimation by Hurricane Irma is now faced with the 1,800 residents crying to go back home.    Reports online confirm that while these islanders are homesick, their island is still sick and in no shape to take them in.Residents say they are determined to rebuild their lives in #Barbuda but the Government says the return home is not advisable at this stage.   It was also reported in the update, that the healthcare, schools, and social services systems in Antigua are considerably overwhelmed by the addition of the Bardudians who had to move to their country’s main island after their bout with #HurricaneIrma in early September.#MagneticMediaNewsPhoto credit: UN Recommended for you FortisTCI announces bid to hike electricity bills, cites record $42m response to hurricanes as destabilizing Related Items:#Barbud, #HurricaneIrma, #magneticmedianews Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp New, stringent posture on illegal construction makes fines, personal demolition and possible deportation legal says PDM Minister, law now passedlast_img read more

US News World Report Becomes Latest Mag on Kindle

first_imgU.S. News & World Report has become the latest magazine to be distributed on the Amazon Kindle.The title joins 15 other titles available on the digital reader, including Newsweek, Time, the Atlantic and Slate.The news comes a week after the title announced its plans to shift from a weekly to bi-weekly frequency starting in 2009. U.S. News’ ad pages fell about 37.5 percent and ad revenue dropped 34.8 percent during the first quarter, according to Publishers Information Bureau figures.last_img

37 Properties Sold In Wilmington In May

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — According to the Middlesex North Registry of Deeds, 37 properties were sold in Wilmington during May 2019:Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Related40 Properties Sold In Wilmington In AugustIn “Business”42 Properties Sold In Wilmington In JulyIn “Business”44 Properties Sold In Wilmington In JuneIn “Business”last_img

Allies likely to push NDA tally near 300 mark IANSCVoter 2019 survey

first_imgNOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty ImagesThe State of the Nation March 2019 Wave 2 opinion poll conducted by CVoter for IANS shows the likely vote percentage for the two main poles of national politics, the NDA and UPA in this year’s general elections.A pre-poll alliance scenario for the BJP-led NDA formation would help it garner 42 per cent of the vote nationally, while for the Congress-led UPA alliance the vote percentage for the pre-poll allies would be 30.4 per cent.The CVoter State of the Nation March 2019 Wave 2 opinion poll released on March 24 is based on a sample survey of 10,280 this week and a cumulative base of 70,000 respondents since January 1 covering 543 Lok Sabha constituencies.The NDA is banking on the BJP’s narrative on nationalism to deliver the elections for it. While it has spoken of increasing employment opportunities under its watch, alleviation of farm distress and economic growth, nationalism has been its mainstay.The NDA has a distinct advantage over the rival formation in key states in the vote share projections. In Uttar Pradesh, where the Congress is not part of a mahagathbandhan, the NDA is likely to get 35.4 per cent of the vote.This is even though the NDA is expected to get far fewer seats compared to 2014 as indicated by the CVoter opinion poll. In Bihar, the NDA’s vote share is expected to be 52.6 per cent and in Rajasthan, the NDA is expected to get 50.7 per cent of the vote while in the BJP stronghold of Gujarat, the CVoter opinion poll suggests that the NDA will get 58.2 per cent of the vote share. SOTN March 2019 Wave II : Seat Share Projections. (IANS Infographics)In Maharashtra, the NDA is expected to have a vote share of 48.1 per cent while in BJP-ruled Haryana, the NDA could get 42.6 per cent of the vote according to the vote share projections.However, there are states where the two alliances are not as far apart on vote share and in some the NDA is actually behind, the CVoter opinion poll shows. Tamil Nadu is one of such states, Kerala is another. The two sides are neck and neck in Karnataka.Seat share projections for the NDA, based on pre-poll alliances, shows it will fall short of a House majority with 261 seats — an earlier CVoter opinion poll on March 10 had put this number at 264. The second survey shows that the BJP will get 241 seats on its own.However, the surge from post-poll alliances would push it well above the majority mark of 272.This is how the CVoter opinion poll says the numbers are likely to stack up for the NDA should the post-poll alliances click. The YSR Congress Party led by Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is expected to win 10 Lok Sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh, the Mizo National Front is likely to get one seat, the Biju Janata Dal 10 seats and the Telangana Rashtra Samiti 16 seats — a total of 37 seats between them. Added to the pre-poll NDA alliance, the BJP-led alliance is expected to have an overall tally of 298 seats according to the CVoter opinion poll.In fact, the pre-poll alliance situation shows how the political parties concerned are adding to the BJP-led alliance’s numbers. The CVoter opinion poll highlights how in Bihar, the NDA is expected to win 36 seats with the help of allies Janata Dal (United) and Lok Janshakti Party who together are expected to win 20 seats to the BJP’s 16. STR/AFP/Getty ImagesThe BJP’s other pre-poll allies are: Maharashtra — Shiv Sena (14 seats); Assam — Bodoland Peoples’ Front (one seat); Punjab — Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal), one seat; Tamil Nadu — AIADMK (7 seats): Uttar Pradesh — Apna Dal (Sonelal), one seat.Taken together, these pre-poll allies are expected to give a boost of 47 seats to the ruling alliance in the country.Uttar Pradesh, India’s politically most important state with 80 Lok Sabha seats, presents an interesting scenario. In the pre-poll alliance case, the NDA is expected to get 28 seats to the UPA’s four. It is a drastic markdown from the 73 Lok Sabha seats the NDA got in 2014 but it remains ahead of the rival alliance.However, should the Congress-led alliance forge a last-minute post-poll tie-up and become a part of the mahagathbandhan, this equation would change dramatically, giving the anti-NDA alliance 52 seats in all.What happens in Uttar Pradesh with the mahagathbandhan will also cast a shadow on vote share projections, the CVoter opinion poll shows.last_img read more

Xbox One launch faulty drives scratched cases and misplaced test discs

first_imgIt’s Xbox One launch day, and Microsoft and gamers will be eager to get the new console into homes and playing games as quickly as possible. But things aren’t going according to plan, and faulty Xbox One consoles have made it to retail.The biggest problem so far? Faulty Blu-ray drives. Some new owners are getting their Xbox One home to find the Blu-ray drive makes a terrible noise and doesn’t read game discs. Multiple videos have appeared on YouTube demonstrating the problem, one of which I have included below:More evidence of a lack of quality control can be seen from images of the Xbox One casing. The new console is being unwrapped only to find multiple scratches on the casing. These range from long scratch marks to small chunks of plastic missing, as well as damage along the edges above the ports on the back and down the sides of the machine. Such damage won’t stop the Xbox One working, but is unacceptable on a brand new, $500 purchase.Both the faulty disc drives and case scratches are going to be very frustrating for anyone suffering with them. They require you return the unit for a replacement, but it’s launch day and therefore very unlikely a replacement will be available. Even if one is, you could be waiting in line to get one, or worse, need to ship the console back to an e-tailer.On a lighter note, one gamer opened his Xbox One disc drive to find a surprise inclusion: a Microsoft MTE Test Disc marked “Confidential.” Some investigation revealed the disc to be used for stress testing the console. It won’t load in the machine unless it is first hooked up to another testing device, which only Microsoft has access to. Still, work is underway to pull the ISO off the disc and share it with everyone to see if it contains anything interesting.How successful the Xbox One launch turns out to be will depend on just how commonplace the case scratches, and more importantly, the faulty disc drives turn out to be. Microsoft’s PR department may have to go into overdrive later today and ensure faulty Xbox One’s are getting replaced quickly, even if it does stop some gamers managing to purchase the machine in the first place.last_img read more