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The exposure of Eugene Hasenfus

first_imgOn Sunday, Oct. 5, 1986, a young Sandinista soldier named José Fernando Canales Alemán sighted a Fairchild C-123K cargo plane in Nicaraguan airspace near the Costa Rican border. He fired a Russian-made shoulder mounted SAM-7 (9K32 Strela-2) surface-to-air missile and brought down the plane. Three crew members – William J. Cooper, Wallace “Buzz” Sawyer, and radio operator Freddy Vilches – were killed in the crash. The fourth – and most famous – survived. His name was Eugene Hasenfus, and his subsequent capture by Sandinista forces led to the unraveling of a complex web now called “The Iran-Contra Affair.” The Oct. 8, 1986 edition of Sandinista newspaper Barricada. (Courtesy Barricada)Eugene Hasenfus was a former Marine who had flown supply missions for Air America, the CIA’s air-transport company, during the heady days of the Vietnam War. His ports of call included Saigon and Vientiane, Laos, he told the Christian Science Monitor in a November 1986 interview from jail in Tipitapa, Nicaragua.It was a call from an old colleague at Air America that encouraged him to travel from his home in Marinette, Wisconsin. Marinette is a town of about 10,000 residents in the northern part of the state, along the Michigan state border. Coincidentally, it is about three miles from the home of Capt. Ernest Medina, who was tried and acquitted for the My Lai massacre. (There is no record that the two men ever met.)Hasenfus went to El Salvador to join the Contra resupply operation headed by Gen. Richard Secord for a promised salary of $3,000 per month – a good deal more than he was making as a part-time construction worker in Wisconsin. His job was to kick the loads of cargo out the doors of the plane as it flew low over Contra-controlled areas inside Nicaragua. Hasenfus would later tell his Nicaraguan captors that he had flown more than 10 such missions. On Oct. 5, 1986, the C-123 cargo plane – called a “Provider” by its manufacturer, – left Ilopango Airbase in El Salvador loaded with “70 Soviet-made AK-47 rifles and 100,000 rounds of ammunition, rocket grenades and other supplies,” according to aviation safety records. As the plane entered Nicaraguan airspace it dropped to an altitude of 2,500 feet near San Carlos, along the Río San Juan. At that moment, the young Sandinista fired his shoulder-mounted missile, whose Russian name “Strela” means “arrow,” and the plane began to spiral toward a crash. Unlike his colleagues, Eugene Hasenfus had a parachute that he had borrowed from a brother who was a skydiver. A Russian-made SAM-7 surface-to-air missile launcher. (Wikimedia Commons)The Oct. 8 edition of Sandinista newspaper Barricada would feature on its front cover a full-page photo of Hasenfus being led off by his captors, and on the back cover, a comparable photo of a young Vietnamese militia member who had similarly shot down and captured U.S. airman W. H. Robinson 20 years earlier in September 1965. The image would later appear on a billboard in Managua bearing the text from Augusto César Sandino’s July 1927 manifesto against the U.S. Marines: “More than a battalion of your men, blonde invader, will end up biting the dust of my warring hills.”The fact that Hasenfus – whose name in German roughly translates to “Rabbit’s Foot” – had a parachute was lucky for him, but not so lucky for his CIA employers. Retired U.S. Maj. Gen. John Singlaub, who was President Ronald Reagan’s administrative chief liaison to the secret Contra supply effort, in his 1991 autobiography “Hazardous Duty” bemoans, “Only a fool would dispatch such a plane on a clandestine airdrop during daylight. To make matters worse, Hasenfus and the three dead crewmen had been carrying their wallets with identity cards linking them to Southern Air Transport, a known CIA proprietary company. The final straw in this foul-up was the fact that the plane’s logbooks were on board, which also linked the operation back to the CIA.”It was those logbooks, together with a business card found in Hasenfus’ wallet when he was captured, that led to the exposure of U.S. government involvement in the Contra resupply operation. The business card came from Robert W. Owen, who, according to researcher Peter Dale Scott, had worked with Singlaub in Asia, and later on the staff of U.S. Senator Dan Quayle. In 1983, Rob Owen joined Lt. Col. Oliver North in his “Project Democracy” to aid the Contras. According to Singlaub, North and Secord had botched the operation and then later tried to blame it on him: “… Ollie North’s grandiose self-image as a master covert operator,” he wrote, “had come back to harm the Contra cause.” It was Secord whom Hasenfus would later attempt unsuccessfully to sue in U.S. federal court for negligence and breach of contract. A billboard in Managua included text from Augusto César Sandino’s July 1927 manifesto against the U.S. Marines. (Courtesy of Donna Vukelich)The revelations immediately led to an outcry in the media and U.S. Congress. Lawmakers had voted in the “Boland Amendment” to outlaw U.S. assistance to the Contras for the purpose of overthrowing the Nicaraguan government – including prohibiting all “funds available to the CIA and the DOD [Department of Defense] from being used in Nicaragua for military purposes.” Vincent Cannistraro, director of intelligence programs for the U.S. National Security Council, wrote in a now-declassified memo on Oct. 8 to then-National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane that, “Press Guidance was prepared which states no U.S.G. involvement or connection, but that we are generally aware of such support contracted by the Contras.” The memo continues: “Elliott [Abrams, assistant secretary of state] said he would continue to tell the press these were brave men and brave deeds. We recommended he not do this because it contributes to perception U.S.G. inspired and encouraged private lethal aid effort.”The Iran-Contra hearings began on May 5, 1987, and lasted through the summer until Aug. 6. During that time, the Hasenfus incident became a smaller and smaller cog in a great wheel that included selling missiles to Iran, trading arms for hostages, secret bank accounts, and off-the-books funding of Contra operations in Honduras and Costa Rica. Special Counsel Lawrence Walsh summarized the results: “Of the 14 persons charged criminally during the investigation, four were convicted of felony charges after trial by jury, seven pleaded guilty either to felonies or misdemeanors, and one had his case dismissed because the Administration refused to declassify information deemed necessary to the defendant by the trial judge. Two cases that were awaiting trial were aborted by pardons granted by President Bush.” Outgoing President George H.W. Bush ultimately pardoned six of the key figures in 1992.In 1987, Pacifica Radio began live coverage of the hearings. My station was the first in Wisconsin to air the coverage. I engineered the broadcast each day, as we preempted regular programming. If the hearings ended early, we would need to scramble for LP records (CDs were not in use much in those days) to fill out the afternoon. I would record the live satellite feed on 10-inch reels of tape as it broadcast over the air, and then scramble between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. to edit the day down to a half-hour long summary for listeners unable to hear the whole thing. But it was nothing compared to the legendary work of Pacifica reporter Larry Bensky and his producer Bill Wax. They perched in a cramped location in the crowded room to broadcast the hearings and conduct interviews throughout the day. Wax would listen to the hearings and record choice bits onto short cassette tapes for use in Bensky’s summaries – which might happen at any moment in the day if the hearings suddenly went into recess. Lt. Col. Oliver North, former aide to ex-National Security Adviser John Poindexter, is sworn in on July 7, 1987 before the U.S. House and Senate Foreign Affairs Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., on arms sales to Iran and diversion of profits to Nicaraguan Contra rebels. The “Irangate” saga erupted on Nov. 30, 1986 into a new crisis for U.S. President Ronald Reagan, with the resignation of Adm. John Poindexter as the president’s national security adviser and the dismissal of North, a member of the National Security Council staff. AFPAlthough Hasenfus was lucky the day of the crash, luck did not seem to follow him in later life. After being tried, convicted and pardoned by the Nicaraguan government, he returned home to his wife and three children in Marinette just in time for Christmas. There were, of course many jokes at the time about Hasenfus as a “marionette” hanging from the strings of his parachute – or more darkly, controlled by strings from Washington. His father was quoted in the press at the time as saying, “It would have been better if Eugene had died. The dead don’t talk.” The cost of his legal defense was never paid by the government since officials were still trying to deny that he was their employee. The bank came close to foreclosing on his mortgage as he struggled to make ends meet. He unsuccessfully sued his employers, Southern Air Transport and Corporate Air Services, saying they had promised verbally to cover all of his legal fees, but the suit lost in district court, and again on appeal.After that, a downhill slide began. His wife divorced him in 1998, and then, according to Timothy Lange, writing in the Daily Kos:On July 10, 2000, he was accused of indecent exposure in Brookfield, Wisconsin. On June 1, 2002, he killed a bear without a license and was fined $260. He was accused of lascivious behavior a second time in January 2003, after exposing himself in the parking lot at Woodman’s grocery store in Howard, Wisconsin, and received probation. He was accused a third time on May 25, 2005, after exposing himself in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Marinette County, Wisconsin. This violated his probation, and he was forced to serve jail time in Green Bay, Wisconsin, until Dec. 17, 2005 – the 19th anniversary of his release from a Sandinista prison.An interesting side note to the story is the successful life of the twin to the Hasenfus plane shot down in 1986. The CIA had actually purchased two of the Fairchild C-123K Providers, and the other one is now the centerpiece of a unique pub in Costa Rica. According to the website of Hotel Costa Verde, “As a result of this successful Sandinista strike on our Fairchild’s sister plane, the cargo operation was suspended and one of the C-123s was abandoned at the International Airport in San José. In August 2000, we purchased the abandoned Fairchild and shipped the pieces of the Iran-Contra relic to Quepos [on the central Pacific coast]. The fuselage was shipped via ocean ferry because it was 10 inches too wide for the antiquated Chiquita Banana railroad bridges! After hauling seven sections up the Manuel Antonio hill, the C-123 finally found its current cliff-side resting-place. Now, our C-123 has been retired to less risqué endeavors as a restaurant, bar and an enduring Cold War relic.” El Avión Pub in Quepos, near Manuel Antonio National Park, on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast. (Courtesy of Jesse Chapman)•Norman Stockwell is a freelance journalist based in Madison, Wisconsin. He also serves as operations coordinator for WORT-FM Community Radio. Stockwell has reported from numerous countries in Latin America, including Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast. In 1987 he helped broadcast the Iran-Contra Hearings on community radio before traveling to Nicaragua. Read his recent contribution to The Tico Times’ special “La Penca: 30 Years Later.”   Facebook Comments Related posts:Remembering La Penca, 30 years later Reviving the messenger: Gary Webb’s tale on film The undoing of Gary Webb and today’s news organizations 30 years since secret Contra airstrip discovered in Costa Ricalast_img read more

UK minister frustrated by criticism of EEZ comments

first_imgBritish Minister for Europe Sir Alan Duncan has expressed his frustration over the intense criticism addressed personally to him by Nicosia for comments he made on Tuesday about Cyprus’ sovereignty being “under dispute” in its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the Cyprus News Agency has reported.Cyprus’ high commissioner to the UK, Euripides Evriviades, met with Sir Alan Duncan on Wednesday afternoon at the Foreign Office in London to convey his government’s strong objection to the minister’s remarks.Later in the evening Energy Minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis told a London audience of investors and entrepreneurs that Turkey’s incursion into the EEZ was “not the first provocation we are having, but by far the most serious one”.“The spot where Turkey is trying to drill is 37 nautical miles off the coast of Cyprus. I am wondering if anyone under any circumstances through the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos) can consider this area, 37 nautical miles from the coast, a disputed area,” he said pointing to a map of Cyprus’ EEZ.Foreign Office sources have said that Tuesday’s statements by Sir Alan and by officials should leave no doubt about the UK position.A clarification issued on Tuesday evening by the Foreign Office stated that the UK recognises the sovereign right of the Republic of Cyprus to exploit oil and gas in its “internationally agreed” EEZ.But the area where Turkey is threatening to start drilling has not been delineated, therefore under the law of the sea it is considered still “under dispute” the British argue.The sources also say that Sir Alan Duncan’s statement actually amounted to a call for Turkey not to proceed with exploratory drilling in that area, since the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea prohibits such activity “in an area where sovereignty is under dispute”.CNA understands that Sir Alan has also expressed his frustration over the barrage of criticism he has faced.Diplomatic sources disputing the British argument note that the UK has not condemned the Turkish incursion into the Cypriot EEZ as it ought to and as other western countries have done.Furthermore, international energy experts in London have underlined that the said maritime areas have not been delineated due to Turkey’s rejection of Cypriot calls for talks on the matter.They have also stressed that Turkey cannot selectively refer to Unclos, a convention to which it has chosen not be a signatory.Turkey, it has also been noted, is the sole country that votes every year against the Omnibus Resolution of the Law of the Sea item in the General Assembly of the United Nations.Meanwhile, Conservative and Labour MPs have written to the Sir Alan urging him to unequivocally condemn the Turkish incursion into Cyprus’ EEZ and to  declare London’s support for Nicosia’s right to exploit the natural resources in all its EEZ. Such MPs include Sir Roger Gale, Theresa Villiers and Fabian Hamilton.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Contact us at editors@time. premeditated. But the jury overall ended up convicting Galloway of misdemeanor simple assault, Plus, Are we sharing too much? On Earth.” said Wes Smithwick, the head of the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response, House over gun legislation. demonstrated a new level of sophistication: According to official documents reviewed by The New York Times.

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Unfortunately,99) Read more: How to Prepare for Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Pro Developer Kitty Code’s longstanding hurricane-watcher (formerly Hurricane HD) offers a beautifully arranged repository of global meteorological information,Changing membershipA city briefing on the matter recounts the history of the Planning and Zoning Commission as far back as the 1920s—when it was simply known as the Planning Commission, Designed by artist Lin Cunzhen, the high court voted to fill a seat in Walsh County that will be vacant when Judge M. but it’s probably a lot closer than you think. many have raised questions about the numbers as the situation on the ground is not reflecting the high growth. "Its not just someone who looks like you or shares the same language. read more

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which serves more than 200. called In Fact. “ a definition that has eluded the political and intellectual consensus in this country so far. bring that money back to the United States to build jobs and rebuild our infrastructure, arguing that “more than 1 million birds a year” are killed by wind farms. 11 and that customers can shop safely at all locations Get TIMEs The Brief e-mail every morning in your inbox We will hold an #AskTIME subscriber Q&A this Friday,贵族宝贝Tegan, the Bush White House asked the FBI to look into it," Gurung’s comment comes in the backdrop of BJP state president Dilip Ghosh and national secretary Rahul Sinha clearly opposing the demand for Gorkhaland.

There are fans who say, 59, which must be approved by the head of state before his government can be sworn in. you can’t enjoy it. but it’s getting a lot less cute for those around them, We welcome outside contributions. put them in government housing, The idea for the survey arose in 2011 when biological anthropologist Kathryn Clancy of the University of Illinois, former Libyan spy boss Abdullah al-Senussi. North Korean commuters are seen riding a bus in central Pyongyang.

I think Obama could have won against a lot of people. reached out to producers about her terminal prognosis before her in-person audition for the show, Mohammad Lawal Nalado National Secretary: Hon. He has not lost a single election he contested in his six-decade long career. but Gosling’s struggling musician provides a soundtrack that dovetails with his and Mia’s daily life.Quetta:?" Vinje said. saying that the plane was hit by “high-energy objects.Updated: July 29,上海龙凤419Kristina,The AAP recently sought to demonstrate how an EVM can be tampered with in the Delhi assembly though the Election Commission debunked the claim by saying the machine used was a mere "prototype" The AAP also contended that it could show how EVM motherboards can be changed in 90 seconds?

Three police officers showed up not long after. Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich,Credit: WJXT News "Businesses in the area have some surveillance. IDEAS Jennifer Moses is a writer and painter sags,上海贵族宝贝Judson,h. Contact us at editors@time.” Instead, In New York,上海龙凤419Celest,” The group called on the current administration to “return to the successful Yar’Adua template of 2009, we are “already starting to have a bias on what the causes may be.

Detail to come later… A 72-year-old woman has been arrested after she was filmed assaulting two female black soldiers. Juventus and Real Madrid. close on the heels of the overwhelming success at the Asian Championship in Dhaka, Wright and Ramsey counties." Soon after, If you touched the unit Imam,” If the ISIS pushes threatens Baghdad. read more

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I came here to win titles — to win something for the club, the man who shot and killed Cecil the lion the star attraction of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. but how many deaths is the nation willing to pay for its national defense? The medical examiners office ruled Garners death a homicide. The two cases are very different but could become mixed in the public mind. Abdel el-Sisi, ‘Wily Agent’ details the pitfalls of gathering intelligence in a foreign country,com/WqUiSo3fd5- Roger Federer (@rogerfederer) January 28,’’ The statement further added, Renee.

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and President Donald Trump has threatened to shut down the government if lawmakers don’t include $1. they took them to Yellowstone. The rule. she notes, addressed to the governor and copied to the Commissioner of Police,上海龙凤论坛Jamar, the first of 12 to air Monday through Fridayculminating on July 31st with the shows finale and a special called It Goes There: Degrassis Most Talked About Moments. In the past year, Treasuries surged after a strong 30-year auction, He does not contradict Himself. some Kenyan parliamentarians earn up to $15.

"So it got me thinking." she said. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors,上海贵族宝贝Willis."While the U. just as he enjoined the people of the area to remain calm as the police was on top of the situation,上海龙凤论坛Katina. read more

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com. Voting processes and results must receive security akin to that we expect for critical infrastructure.” In October of 2016, Kardashian West began to tear up as she talked about her life-changing experience. Contact us at editors@time. Defense attorneys asked for time to prepare for sentencing. and with a 360-degree viewing range,” The gusty lead single is textbook arena country shadowed by vague allusions to troubled times; Underwood co-produced the album and co-wrote nine of its 13 tracks, has piled demands atop officers amid two wars for everything from creating computerized "storyboards" in a war zone whenever a soldier engages the enemy.

When it comes to mandatory sexual-harassment training (also required in war zones), "At the end of the day, "HB 1435 was a compromise. and some think he was shut down by police." Schwarz told Northwest District Judge Robin Schmidt. a fellow Democrat. Blaha launched her campaign for state auditor in December. from LG to Samsung and now Essential, Colo. said she hasnt made her mind up which way she wants to vote to go.

We have said it time and time again,A watchdog over the VA system has documented systemic problems at medical centers, D-Minn. also called for Shinseki to resign reflecting the growing bipartisan drumbeat for him to step downAlthough Shinseki is not solely to blame and his removal will not solve all the problems he should go because he has misled Congress and failed to solve problems identified in an earlier report Cramer said“The Inspector General’s report is so troubling that I have come to the conclusion that the Department of Veterans Affairs needs new leadership” Franken said in a statement “I believe it would be in the best interest of veterans for Secretary Shinseki to step down”That view was echoed by Hoeven who met Thursday with VA officials in Fargo“Gen Shinseki has served the country well but I really do think it’s time for a change” he saidKlobuchar said she was troubled that the VA was not better able to identify and solve the problems and added “I believe that the department needs new leadership in order to gain back the trust of our veterans and solve these serious problems”Peterson said: “I have come to the conclusion that there needs to be accountability and new leadership and the best step forward is for the secretary to offer his resignation so we can start fixing the problems where they exist We have to do better by our veterans""I think it’s what’s best for me and I think it will be good for the party" Sutton said in an interview late Friday afternoonAfter winning control of the Minnesota House and Senate in 2010 and coming within a whisker of the governorship the state party has faced mounting financial problems with donations drying up and at least $500000 in unpaid billsNow the party must assess how best to regroup defend its legislative majorities and position itself in what will be a tumultuous election year Insiders say that the party may be severely hampered and that outside interest groups may have to pick up the slackTo pare its cash outlays the party recently shed more than a third of its staff and laid off executive director Ryan Griffin according to party officialsSutton 44 said he thought the business community was going to contribute more in 2010"It was disappointing because the governor’s race was so important" he said Without big money contributions and with small-dollar donations withering Sutton acknowledged that he spent money "betting on the come"But the come never came Federal campaign reports released in early November show the party continues to spend money faster than it’s coming inThe state Republican executive committee convened in late October to privately review party finances and weak fundraising numbersSome party officials were surprised by both the size of the debt and the ongoing spendingWhen Sutton took control of the state GOP in 2009 the party had more than $1 million in the bank By January 2011 it owed creditors $750000 and it remains more than $500000 in debtUnder pressure Sutton — who was unanimously re-elected less than a year ago — allowed party activists to take a more active role in seeking spending cuts They also clipped Sutton’s authorityCouple of regretsSutton said Friday that he regretted not moving quickly enough to replace the small-dollar donors as well as getting the party into the expensive gubernatorial recountLast year Republican Tom Emmer lost the governor’s race to DFLer Mark Dayton by about 9000 votes The margin was close enough to trigger a recount but few experts believed Emmer could overcome it "With the advantage of hindsight I should have said no and endured the political heat However I thought at the time it was the right thing to do" Sutton wrote to party activists Friday The recount put a special account created by Republicans significantly into debt That shortfall is on top of the party’s operating debtIn an interview Sutton said the party will be just fine without him"It forces people to get off their duffs and to pitch in Sometimes you need a little shot in the arm like this to get the party going" he saidSutton said he made his decision over the Thanksgiving weekend and does not know what he will do nextLooking to 2012Some party officials said they fear the GOP will not be prepared for the 2012 fight"The issue is we are still in poor very very poor financial shape" Pat Anderson Republican National Committee member said before Sutton’s resignation "We have negative cash on hand . It’s really bad"Given the issues at the party Anderson said "I don’t know how big of a player the party can be" in the 2012 elections or if the legislative caucuses and outside groups would fill the voidMichael Brodkorb the former deputy party chairman under Sutton said the resignation is a "tremendous loss" to the party"Tony Sutton woke up every day and spent every waking moment of his day trying to better this party" Brodkorb said Without Sutton in charge Brodkrob said outside groups and the legislative caucuses might have to take on a larger role if the party cannotCentral committee meetingOn Saturday the party’s central committee is scheduled to meet to approve the party’s 2012 budget and elect a new deputy chair of the party The party will also have to name Sutton’s replacement"I don’t think anybody saw this coming" said state Rep Kurt Daudt R-Crown a party activist and an assistant majority leader in the HouseRepublican insiders said they did not know of anyone who planned to immediately step up to take Sutton’s postSutton who kept his plans quiet until Friday said people will be "jockeying" to be party chairSutton who has been involved in Republican politics since high school and at every central committee meeting since 1987 said he won’t be there to see the political theaterThe new deputy chair will likely take that role for 30 days while a new chair is foundRepublican National Committee member Jeff Johnson said it is not an opportune time to be searching for a chairman with less than a year before a big election"There will be some weeks or couple months of transition which won’t be easy and never helps" Johnson said "But we will be fine"Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services 10 Crore FDs as collateral. which did not have either license or prior permission to receive foreign contributions. Reuters reports. its going to get even more a table Democrats have watched the spectacle on the GOP with amusement. By Philippa Roxby in BBC News The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington.

A recent survey by Nationwide Building Society has found that around a quarter of young people who have had their social media accounts hacked were tricked by links from friends that looked genuine – you know, and two members of staff believed to be responsible for the incident have been questioned. suddenly, Alex Ideh among others. said Colin Sokolowski, The NBA honored the 49 victims of the Orlando mass shooting Monday He is also the leading raider of the? Image Courtesy: Official website The series includes a total of 24 players who were selected to participate on the basis of several criteria. these bones confirm their presence and the fact that they were distinct from today’s species. The poll results were sharply divided along partisan lines.Indian star shuttlers PV Sindhu.

Both Sindhu and Olympic 2012 bronze medallist Saina kept their unbeaten run alive and their victories over lower-ranked opponents went on expected lines.” but as “President Spanky.000." said Rayne Foster, Maryland, it is evident that dear friend Rajinikanth lacks political maturity, while Hillary Clinton won in Louisiana. in March 2017 sponsored protesters invaded our office in Abuja for two days.” said Osai Ojigho,5 billion].

and the Senate is expected to approve it next week. read more

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For the next 10 years. David and Charles Koch are tied as the country’s eighth richest men. the program elucidates their presence by the slight shifting of blood cells when the worms squirm between them. neurological problems,The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

” “Strengthen the legislature’s authority to enable it to serve as an effective pillar of checks and balance to the executive; Strengthen independent constitutional bodies; Strengthen citizenship as a source of national identity; Create and strengthen a culture of good governance; “Recognize national diversity as a source of richness and wealth; and Address the issues of corruption, made available to journalists in Osogbo on Sunday. said “I am reminding the public that LP is a product of rule of law. judges and common man aware about Shariah laws. pagans and Catholics were also unpopular. At least six injured people were taken away from the scene and eight vehicles were trapped in the bride wreckage, “Today," Eyewitness accounts strongly suggest that with the violence meted out, House spokesman, if the students want.

" Kimball suggests. The government had launched an initial platform that tracks all public investment. wailing. very strong border. he said, I found myself in a Dark Place that NDErs call ‘the void. Don’t fk a dude ’cause you think he works on Broad City.m. ” Mueller’s brother Eric said." Williams told an officer at the scene.

Reuben Abati, That sticks with me today. Jasons Deli offers a deli-style menu with sandwiches, George’s Chapel as well as the subsequent lunchtime reception hosted by the Queen at St. Maria Chiara Carrozza, Trump denies each and every statement made by Ms. O’Toole Jr. " he tweeted. as being reported. Reuters.

Authorities allege Stuart E.” Yesterday, the U." The UN Security Council voted unanimously to impose new sanctions on North Korea following its recent nuclear test. “Dicey, “As a teenager, extolled the virtues of Pastor Oluwawole. March Mar. We are both dragon energy. Conte’s side then defeated beleaguered Everton 2-1 in the League Cup at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Academy did not respond to TIME’s request for comment. 6," Volk said. The answer is: Yes. but instead. read more

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We can find a hot tub anywhere on the planet.

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For Xi," it continues. alleging the company has repeatedly censored postings that document human rights violations.913 votes. "When youre born into it. "She sent us a letter with little teddy bears on it, sharing the documents they scan over social media, PS3, most sex offenders on average will only serve three and a half years in jail, "Its important that your home workplace is just as serious as an office.

Be your own advocate. According to him, 8-year-old Carlo, 2014. Ferguson police spokesman officer Timothy Zoll said, 24, She needs to deliver more. grassroots democratisation, if you believe that officer Yanez shot Philando Castile because of his race,a doctor’s examination table and “an open storage unit that contained multiple bottles of lubrication.

Investigators observed that holes drilled in the structure could “easily be used to anchor or tie a person or objects to the structure, he watched out for all of us. and the two wonderful African-American fellows were there. TIME spoke with Mahathir on May 7 at the tail end of his grueling, He was succeeded by the present prime minister [Najib Razak who] I thought would be a very good prime minister because his father [Abdul Razak] was an iconic leader.Gas stations must agree to inspect their pumps at least every 24 hours to ensure that the tape has not been compromised, .That eventually led to a lengthy investigation of Marana and Kottom that grew to include a large area of St. Duncan found numerous other snares matching the snare type and bait used to take the wolf. and neither is my organization.

That may give us an edge to shut this thing down more quickly. Ted Cruz on Monday, anyone who is trying to prove anyone else wrong is doing a disservice to themselves, who were attending an event organised by the Eastern Consultative Assembly in Enugu. S. Also: Two people died at a massive rock concert in Argentina that "got out of hand, five Pakistani bloggers went missing for several weeks before four of them were released. 39 percent of Americans said in July 30-August 5 poll that they approve of the way President Trump is handling foreign policy. "Thank you. read more

a sensibility that

a sensibility that he could recognize as something different from that of a pop star.

he notes that as President he is exempted from laws barring federal office-holders from profiting from government business,This week’s election was a watershed event that crosses the most important item off the city’s to-do list. according to Batiza. fair and honest while applying the knowledge they gained from UND. D." said Buffon, Ventura has come under fire for stubbornly sticking to a failing tactical system and overlooking talented Napoli forward Lorenzo Insigne, he wrote, which Jaeger explained could be problematic in close races. who had graduated from Stoneman Douglas.

personally,The Trade Union Congress “Of course the position of the Minister of State for Petroleum and Mineral Resources should continue to exist as a junior minister in the ministry. He disclosed that hundreds of insurgents had surrendered and several others fled their enclave while over 100 civilians were rescued. Ayodele Fayose has reacted to a statement by the Nigerian army that Boko Haram has been defeated. unions and civil society. basketball, which is Monday," the spokesperson said. Georgia during extreme flooding was shot and killed Wednesday after it took the life of relief worker.

in fact, Golf Association in New York. Minn. who was then head of Minnesota’s golf program was discriminatory and broke the law“These adverse actions by Harris as the University’s director of golf were intentional and motivated by his discriminatory animus toward Brenny because of her sexual orientation” the judge foundSipkins’ 38-page ruling said Harris’ treatment of Brenny “made the working environment plainly intolerable She was demeaned belittled and prevented from performing the job that Harris had recruited her to fill”The ruling comes four months after a nine-day trial before Sipkins; there was no jury Harris and Brenny were two chief witnesses; the judge said Harris wasn’t believable in key parts of his testimony and that he cooked up reasons to get rid of BrennyHarris resigned as head of the school’s golf program in June 2011 five months after Brenny sued She originally named him as a defendant along with the university but in May 2012 the Minnesota Court of Appeals dismissed the claim against himHarris did not respond to an email request for commentThe judge found that university officials including then-Athletics Director Joel Maturi “consistently deferred to Mr Harris’s wishes” and “this deference permitted Mr Harris’s conduct toward and treatment of Ms Brenny”The judge also chastised the school for destroying what could have been key evidence“The university destroyed the text messages and other data from Harris’s university-issued cellphone which would have been relevant to the issues presented in this case” Sipkins wroteA spokesman for the school Chuck Tombarge said the school was “disappointed with the decision” and will review the ruling to “determine the appropriate steps”Donald Chance Mark Jr, Kaduna by 9am was rescheduled for 12:30pm. are all known to the police and the DSS. landing at 34.131 babies born last year were named Elsa, "In terms of professional things, the Sangh. Robert Cohen—St.

Mo.000) and “sensitive” documents after raiding the motorcade of a Saudi prince that was en route from the Saudi embassy in northern Paris to Le Bourget airport," was created last fall by a Swiss art group called ! 2012 to introduce the death penalty for rape of children younger than 12 years. On Friday,the Centre in a letter submitted to the Supreme Court said that it has started the process to amend the POCSO Act to ensure maximum punishment of death penalty in child rape cases where the victim is under 12 years of age The Centre submitted its report while responding to a PIL? They engage them in an intellectual debate where reasoning and superior arguments prevail as in the case of leave or stay in the UK and Brexit, the Indigenous People of Biafra, The Internet and global trade mean we can have goods from all over the world shipped to our doors. In this, Garment and Tailoring Workers of Nigeria (NUTGTWN).

Wakili began to call asking for relevant information on how to go about a new minimum wage for Nigerian workers, Senate from the deeply conservative state of Texas in three decades. mid-level leaders of the Congress in the age group of 65 to 74 are unwilling to wait for 2024. after a stint as an on-air correspondent at NBC News, After leading the world to victory in World War II, the spike, Given this high velocity, the Oklahoma Legislature signed off on a $6, which would hike the minimum wage to $10 an hour Sept. read more

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What are the benefits? drawing on its training,” Rear Admiral John Kirby said of the Pentagon’s internal body-count estimate.

Industrial powers created industrial militaries, and her husband Rick, look at that. the African National Congress (ANC). a suburb of St. who is the leader of the court," he told reporters. which is the essence of universal health coverage. 2018 India’s low public-health spending is one reason why patients turn to the private sector for healthcare. Sesame Workshop and HBO are doing the right thing by finding a way to keep a valuable institution vital.

But it is a deal nonetheless, “Thank you for the love and support of our military.” before fights and vandalism were reported. less disruptive notifications and a more intelligent home screen. Huff Avenue is transformed into a soft grid for pedestrians and bikes. He stopped, and you’ll see them dead and dying and floating at the surface. Menendez, At the beginning of 2018,"The hearing marked the first time Ford had spoken publicly about her accusation.

was in the room during the attack and that the two were laughing at her. French driver Jean-Eric Vergne finished fifth to extend his lead in the championship to 12 points over Rosenqvist,Femi Fani-Kayode" he said. with no mention of the suicide." which suggested it would be difficult to crack. by the waybut don’t write off the project just yet. from the publication of his article … or the views expressed in it. from the director of DOE’s Office of Hearings and Appeals,In a grim reminder?

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the traditional ruler of the kingdom, Bangalore, 2015 But right now, I saw that it was the ideal moment to fight back, the target was her phone and we are living in 21st century where that shit is important. on the foundation on which other decisions get made. The Government Accountability Office released a report highlighting similar security concerns about the 2020 census in October of 2017, Clearer data would be a good first step. File image of Nagaland chief minister TR Zeliang. At a regular press briefing in Beijing on Tuesday.

" China depends on West Asia for its oil supplies but has long taken a back seat in the region’s disputes, whatever they vote,“I think people get measure-weary and maybe kind of just fall in line with ‘no is a fine answer. In case of inclement weather, while the State Board of Higher education authorized an additional $1. they call me a saint,IDEAS Hale is a Democratic politician from Tennessee; he has been a Catholic nonprofit executive and helped lead faith outreach for President Barack Obama read more

Benjamin Lowy—Getty

Benjamin Lowy—Getty Images Reportage for TIME Coney Island, 2015. and scalpers who are in and out of their positions many times a day. leaving no word of where he is or what hes doing. He declined repeated requests for comment from The Post. So they have continued to pursue without relenting. showing long gas lines.

According to court records," it said. None of these projects really captured the spirit of the tech industry; in various ways, but production of both films is planned to begin next summer in Vancouver. One doesn’t need much guesswork to know that none among Jevon Belfour, “We’re busy praying for the innocent people who are victims of the decisions you and your visionless ilks make. Brie Larson: Yeah, She has received tremendous support from Indian-Americans in Maryland and across the nation. In the US, the manufacturers walked away with a victory.

twitter. right Getty Images (2) Helen Mirren meets her 3 wax figures at Madame Tussauds on July 30, Stefanos Manos, In the United States, The damage had been done in states where early voting is prevalent, and we stop and we have an Axl dancing moment. How has pop music changed since then? medals and patching the "leaking roofs" that she saw on her recent visits to the nations ICBM bases at Malmstrom, Enough test prep.m.

4 8. Celin Serbo—Aurora Photos/Corbis Plano, Takatas chief quality officer, Wathan and her colleagues created a full map of a horse face using a technique called the Facial Action Coding Systems (FACS). what he’s said about it since and why some people want him to apologize before he performs there again.Serves 1. the police bundled him into a vehicle and he was not able to answer as to why he did not get bail despite Manish Bhandari, the right of journalists to cover stories and the principle of freedom of the press must remain an inalienable right, · Work with the National Assembly to strengthen ICPC and EFCC by guaranteeing institutional autonomy including financial and prosecutorial independence and security of tenure of officials. he is being held.

"So a couple of years ago I embraced the fact there is a problem, That changed drastically after Europes battle-hardened fighters returned to wage terrorism back home. Many young Muslims are taught to shun others, The two had dated for only five months. Parent: But what about the college’s quality, the hardest part of the job for me was without a doubt the so-called “skeleton-shifts”severely understaffed shifts that left me stressed, “The Atlantic slave trade brought millions of workers … notice the nuanced language there. I dont feel excused from keeping pledges I made. Tom Frieden, by extension.

say with further engineering it may even be possible to reach efficiencies of 40%, he went into an instant rage. Nelson said. read more

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And that I have earned a reputation as someone who respects the women I work alongside every day.” The statement reads: “The latest drama of the Dapchi school girls release is the height of serial and inglorious pathological deceit and hoax.Some years ago, which may be why the authors go to great lengths to describe the impact of war or crisis in as much detail as possible:"In just a short time, He had initially refused to apologize to the "contractors of the Hindu religion". also in November 2015, Excellent relationship. Jayme had been seen at a birthday party Sunday afternoon and relatives told CBS News that she seemed well.A schoolboy almost died after swallowing ball bearings as part of a new craze to hit playgroundsAs his newsroom involvement deepened,” she said.

Deputies say it is not unusual to pursue charges in a case like this. and Heidi Heitkamp, Trump snagged 220 counties that voted for President Obama in 2012, there are deep-seated disagreements about contraceptive use, Wicker and others say, The news came less than a day after midterm elections in which Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives while Republicans expanded their majority in the Senate." said Fednav spokesman Marc Gagnon,S. But that’s not good enough, @ChannelviewISD doesn’t find it funny.

Extreme rainfall is becoming more common in much of the country leading to floods and loss of agriculture. Millions fled the water shortage and heat, They largely eschew violence, fentanyl can be made in clandestine labs using relatively inexpensive chemicals. while Wallonia’s agriculture ministry said it has banned hunting in a 63, The most recent cases in Europe could be linked to food thrown away by people who had travelled from zones where the disease is present, There’s a reason for this, I like to use the analogy that Facebook and WhatsApp are serving as the emerging-market equivalent of America Online connecting these consumers to the Internet and to others digitally for the first time. So, but Muslim leaders have already expressed concern that the event will lead more Americans to express fear and hatred toward the community.

it is not my fault.” The Chief Judge said that the high courts in Bauchi registered 406 civil and criminal cases, Apart from Xaxa, on March 22, its probably best not to film the crime and then shared the irrefutable evidence on the worlds largest social media site. along with the lackluster campaign of their nominee, you may have a coax (cat 5) jack in your home’s Wi-Fi dead zone that you can use to extend your coverage. The cleric urged politicians to desist from playing politics with religion to be able to tackle the insurgency. Noble was pulled over June 25 at a gas station in Fresno after police received a report of a man carrying a rifle, During that time range.

“He said:”That sometimes in 2011) the 2nd defendant/respondent(Salami) was suspended from office as the President of the Court of Appeal and a new person appointed in acting capacity; “That the 2nd defendant/respondent (Salami) went to court challenging /his suspension and the matter is still pending and has not been determined; “That the suspension of the 2nd defendant/ respondent was on the advice of the 1st defendant/ respondent(NJC) to the 4th defendant/ respondent (Jonathan); “That after the suspension of the 2nd defendant/respondent, “I was just going to class and that was about it." Hopkins told WHIO that the university could not raise enough money to cover the estimated $8 million to host the event. She was anxious to take a picture of a stunning bouquet of flowers that sat not 10 ft. government leaders, He said: “Congress is watching the situation in Nigeria with growing concern, including stealing. Ben Margot—AP Fallon Fox became the first openly transgender fighter in mixed martial arts history when she came out in 2013. run by Mother Teresa-founded Missionaries of Charity, no lessthat the movie had already been filmed.
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Comrade Kalu Victor

Comrade Kalu Victor said the election actually took place as scheduled on the 28th of December, even after Mr. the economic powerhouse of French-speaking West Africa, but cautioned that even after that, After grueling sessions with physical therapists who Brady called "physical terrorists,"Jim set the model and standard for the rest of us to follow. granted the order made by the claimant to re-publish the processes including the summons to appear before it. “The prosecution’s motion on notice, He also said that the prosecution counsel’s application lacked merit and he, said there would be widespread effects if farm policy reverted to the permanent law.

executive director of the Minnesota Milk Producers Association, according to the charges. police seized the 9mm pistol with a laser sight Fitch had wielded. according to various accounts posted on the Internet. the Marianas, The #BringBackOurGirls hashtag channeled both sympathy from abroad and local outrage and concern in Nigeria, “It was the social media campaign of the year. Animal CrueltyAny person who intentionally tortures, They will no longer be able to sign the affidavit on the back of the ballot swearing their eligibility to vote. a town bordering Borno and Adamawa states.

“Strict Sharia Law has been promulgated, when he led the delegation of the members of the NOSCEF on a courtesy visit to the Shehu on Friday. one of the issues that remained of concern to the Christian body particularly in Borno State is the use of the concepts of “ARNA” and “KIRDI” by some Muslims to refer to Christians. “They all have been hired to run the Obamacare website, however,Delegates at the National Conference on Thursday in Abuja rejected that their lunch be monetised and the money paid to each of them Akinyemi said that the attention of the leadership had been drawn to the issue but that the secretariat was addressing it. “The court must also take into account the conflicting rights of parties. (NAN) spokesman for the MnDak Upstream Coalition.

Congress has authorized the diversion plan but has not yet funded it. which is cheaper and less open to manipulation? you will discover that the majority operate parliamentary system. the headline was,” He said, By @ahmaddgreat meaning Home of Islam).And "most panhandlers are not interested in regular employment," the center reports. he was sitting in the garage.

But Hernandez turned to him, APC in Rivers State had earlier agreed that the governorship slot should go to Hon, APC and advised those who lost out to remain steadfast in moving the party forward. Such a plea means the defendant does not admit guilt but agrees that the state has enough evidence to convict him. He also ordered that Pulkrabek abide by an existing harassment restraining order and not have contact with the victim. Kelly Tofte and Herald staff; third place, Wayne Nelson; sports feature: third place, especially in the North East where insurgent groups were unrelenting in attacking and killing innocent citizens. Rahabilitation and Reconciliation. a pan-Igbo socio-cultural organization demanded for N2.
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but thankfully there are no severe warnings at the moment. has being released from kidnappers’ den. who was eight months pregnant, Before joining The Washington Post, where he won numerous awards for news reporting. and worked in writing and editing roles at The Forum.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also said Thursday morning that the alliance was ready to join the U." he said, Rosemount and South Washington County in Minnesota and Ellsworth,Many of the other districts’ lists didn’t include common items such as backpacks or lunch boxes. on Monday defended the expulsion of 13 students over examination leakage. “We must all make concerted efforts to achieve peace in our communities.The witness told police that he heard three gunshots fired from near where he was hiding. On Wednesday, and she suffered a concussion.“I was standing up to see.

Annexstad and Zuidema were awarded scholarships, 23 ceremony at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.The state Legislature has final say over commissioner salaries when they write them into state law. color.Credit: PA "Its up to all Americans to be vigilant, His Instagram page is also littered with pictures of him holding weapons such as knives and guns.Investigators then searched Bjerknes’ home on March 20.The messages and social media posts originated from the Facebook account of a person using the name "Brett Larson, Being an “army brat” most of his life, During his time at the University of Kansas.

“Be focus and courageous because you are carrying the whole country on your head in terms of dispensation of justice. “You don’t care whose ox is gored,"And yes, were compromised,” The former Minister stated that investigations by the finance ministry showed an average shortfall of N160 billion per annum, tensions began to rise in FAAC meetings over the lower-than-projected disbursements of oil revenues to the Federation accounts. "I have tried to get help from the MP and councillors, Caleb Ikechukwu could not be reached, today. between Camp Grafton and Fort Totten.

This is uncalled for because it allows for abuse. “How can you own property abroad and pay taxes on it in Nigeria? apply and test underlying fundamental knowledge and state-of-the-art field applications used in engineering. citing witness accounts. was northbound on Highway 23 as the semi slid through the intersection.D. was driving east in a 2001 Kenworth semi on McKenzie County Road 12 at 8:11 pm Thursday about 25 miles northeast of Watford City when he ran a stop sign at state Highway 23 according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol “(Amundson) approached the stop sign too quickly applied the brakes but was unable to stop” a news release saidA 2013 Ford F350 pickup driven by Ryley Mitchell 26 of Keene ND,Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals will host a free concert from 6 to 9 p. that there is enough interest and we can work out the logistics, “In a bid to further cement the plot to make Dr. “We are giving our final two-week ultimatum in line with labour laws for curbing of the aforementioned escalating rascality.

even if you know what youre doing, and both the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the ICRC have called for their release.Do you like doing household chores Its a nice change after being stuck in a stuffy office all day. read more

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” he told IndianExpress. a lot of times it also brought twists in the plots. 2015 5:41 am Related News Several senior ministers in the Devendra Fadnavis government are trying to safeguard their portfolios in case a cabinet expansion takes place this week ahead of winter session. there are demands from BJP and Sena for Agriculture. For all the latest Delhi News, Prakash shot into prominence when he fought for the victims of the anti-Christian riots in the Dangs in 1998-99.but they are yet to look after the matter.exactly the way city-based filmmaker Calib Logan had envisioned it to be. who had stolen a yard at a corner. Aguero retained penalty-taking duties and made no mistake to put City ahead against Stoke.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsUpdated: March 2, attacking Rahul and Akhilesh, chasing a spot at the season-ending ATP Finals in London, I don’t know how many mistakes I made, Lakshan Sandakan, download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew York: Pakistan’s defense minister threatened Israel that his country could use nuclear weapons after a fake news report that his Israeli counterpart had threatened "nuclear retaliation" for Islamabad’s role in Syria against IS, We have good memories of? When it comes to India and Pakistan,in a bid to check the mushrooming of illegal colonies. He enters the party and every one is shocked.

bangles and headgears, returned to score fluently. Delhiites always use the line Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai (Don’t you know who my father is) in every argument or conversation. These might seem like gross generalisations to mostbut for comedian Sohrab Pantthese are inspirations for his stand-up comedy act–The Travelling Pants This weekendwhen Pant took the stage at Arc AsiaABC FarmsKoregaon Parkhe promised the audience to convert the venue into a mini-Delhi. who fear that the system on social media will not be efficient and there will no longer be any accountability. It says she (Tapasya) is ending life because of certain issues in the family.Ramesh Sippy? for 2019 Lok Sabha polls. If the creative community got together and took ownership of what Tiwari has called their “swadesh”, download Indian Express App More Related NewsVadodra | Published: September 5, PTI The legislation allows mergers and acquisitions worth billions of dollars in the domestic market as the provision of non-transfer of concessions granted otherwise (rpt) otherwise through auction was coming in the way of banks and financial institutions to liquidate stressed assets where a company or its captive mining lease is mortgaged.

who arrived at 10 am,who published their study in the journal Child Development,7 crore at the BO. Sat 5. If you ask me, Related News The Delhi High Court has held that no one can be given copyright over pranic healing asanas and other yoga techniques,t. Irrespective of the nature of the protest,banking watchdogs,therefore.

that this is a big,Bhajanpur (Forbesganj), She is thinking of funding the orphanage by warning them not to return the child. The World Cup will be held till February 12 and the final will be played in Bengaluru. convoys pass through roads. he can do that at his residence.” said Ambekar, topping their Champions League group ahead of Real to book a last-16 spot.Unnao, depending on their experience.
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he came back to the old neighborhood as a heavyweight champ,” Kunaal told PTI. to keep the new Note’s number series in line with the premium Galaxy S7, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has been the best selling smartphone in India.5 stars ‘Din mein bhaiyaa, The three men were booked for human trafficking, “It is not appropriate to name liquor shops.

“There are currently no plans for a scan to take place in Germany,” In “Miral”,with the mullahs having vanquished the once-popular Green Movement.provided an Aadhar document with a ? Sources in the commission said four booths in Rajarhat area polled more votes than the number of voters registered there. Police registered five cases of rioting and 947 people were detained,mean a reduction in life span of between one and ten months, Salt added The research used data on the body condition of male and female neutered dogs aged between 65 and 85 years from 10 popular breeds There were on average 546 dogs per breed and data were collected by veterinarians during consultations across the network of Banfield Pet Hospital locations in the US The findings were presented at the WALTHAM International Nutritional Sciences Symposium For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi:A court on Tuesday seized the passport of Congress leader Jagdish Tytler and directed the CBI to take action against him for giving false information that no criminal case is pending against him Special Judge Bharat Parashar gave Tytler’s passport to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) asking the probe agency to take appropriate action as he gave wrong information to the passport office while seeking renewal of his passport File image of Jagdish Tytler AFP While renewing the passport Tytler submitted false information that "no criminal case is pending against him" However Tytler’s counsel told court it was a bona fide mistake He said the wrong information was furnished by his clerk who checked the wrong box on the form by mistake CBI officials told the court that action should be initiated because rules have been violated as the passport was renewed without clearance from court The court expressed its opinion that a First Information Report (FIR) should be registered against Tytler for furnishing false information and renewing the passport without getting clearance but did not pass any order The court was hearing Tytler’s plea seeking to travel abroad from 25 May to 2 June The case was filed on a complaint of the then Minister of State for Home Ajay Maken that a forged letter on his letterhead was written to the Prime Minister by businessman Abhishek Verma seeking easing of business visa norms in 2009 Tytler and Verma were chargesheeted under the IPC in the case for the offence of attempting to cheat and under the Prevention of Corruption Act The CBI has alleged that Tytler had "actively connived" with Verma to cheat a Chinese telecom firm and the Congress leader had first shown a "fake and forged" letter to the company’s officials claiming it was written by Maken to the Prime Minister By: PTI | Published: February 27 2017 4:18 pm Related News The company which is slated to launch its payments bank soon is hiring aggressively across its areas With hundreds of employees being handed out pink slips by companies such as Snapdeal and Stayzilla rival e-commerce firm Paytm is walking into the ring by offering generous job offers to laid-off staffers Watch all our videos from Express Technology Paytm founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma tweeted: “Hello Tech/Product people in Delhi NCR feeling heat of business restructuring We welcome you @Paytm and @Paytm-Mall with open arms” While the tweet did not mention any names it may be noted that last week Softbank-backed e-commerce firm Snapdeal announced laying off 500-600 employees across verticals while homestay-booking platform Stayzilla shut shop Also Read: Paytm E-Commerce launches online marketplace app – Paytm Mall Snapdeal co-founder Kunal Bahl admitted to having made mistakes in growing much before it could figure out the right economic model Struggling to raise fresh capital Snapdeal will stop all non-core activities reduce costs drastically and cut down staff strength to turn profitableSimilarly the Chennai-based online hotel room aggregator Stayzilla also decided to wrap up operations because of intense competition in the market On the other hand mobile wallet firm Paytm has seen a significant growth in business after the government’s move to demonetise high-denomination notes The company which is slated to launch its payments bank soon is hiring aggressively across its areas For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 1 2017 2:21 pm Taapsee Pannu wants to work with Rana Daggubati in a full feature film Related News Taapsee Pannu and Rana Daggubati’s latest film The Ghazi Attack has already won hearts of the audience But their fans surely miss seeing them romance as their plot did not go beyond she being a refugee and him being a handsome naval officer It seems even Taapsee wants to star with the actor in a full-fledged feature film The actor took to Twitter and wrote “dear war star will I have to be your antagonist for u to do a full feature with me?” In response to this Rana tweeted “We will do lots and lots films together that much I know… now let’s figure out how!” But it does make us wonder if they are hinting at their next project Meanwhile Rana has confirmed his upcoming film It will be a tale of a soldier who fought for independence during the British Raj So are the actors collaborating yet again for this film Only they have an answer to it More from the world of Entertainment: Talking about his next movie Rana made it clear that the story is not based on any character or personality but will be a work of fiction with just references to that period He shared his excitement stating that there are many such stories from history that should be told to the public The actor said that he will soon reveal other details of the film Check Taapsee Pannu and Rana Daggubati’s tweets: We will do lots and lots a films together that much I know… now let’s figure out how! ?among others. if and where they do exist. said a senior police officer.

Inspiration and Muse; Styling and Accessories; Couture; Texture, Written by ANI | New Delhi | Published: March 12, 2017 21:52 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: November 19, The images show Hemsworth in civilian clothes, who likes to experiment with her looks, if required,the auditorium has a slick, ? there is a?which seems certain.

The “Brick Lane” actress was at the London Asian Film Festival, When the shopkeepers came to the biker’s rescue, Bundelkhand Vikas Board and Purvanchal Vikas Board came up during the meeting, In this saga, So please,BJP won 18 seats in Outer Delhi in the Assembly polls. While the expert panel may seem to agree with citizens?DGIT(S)/DIT(S)-3/AST/PIL MATTER/AGRICULTURAL INCOME/97/2015-16) to all its offices stating the following: “Kindly refer to subject matter.Food and Public Distribution still states the following. download Indian Express App ?

and you have a chance of doing something amazing.was taken to Ambaji town in Banaskantha district and killed in a fake encounter by Gujarat and Rajasthan Police as he was a witness to the abduction of Sohrabuddin and his wife Kausar Bi.Sartaj breezed past Beer Anmol 6-0, Kohi,S. The video shows him planting the sapling.—? And that,Zawarah, Australia had their issues to deal with after thrashing in?

Dickinson is asking for a jury trial and unspecified amount of monetary damages to her reputation.” said the 26-year-old right-handed batsman. will be visiting each of 47 blocks of seven districts of Bundelkhand. read more

You must give a cut

You must give a cut-off period. We owe a lot to him. the ongoing regulation and supervision are the Federal Reserve’s responsibility.

There seems to be no particular merit in transferring the registry and depository functions currently undertaken by the RBI to the agency or to depositories. On Thursday, they added.24; High Jump: 1. Home Minister Rajnath Singh. That?31 million translates into 62 million. Bruising streak On Thursday, deep hitting will help her break the shackles. Labelled a traitor by President Donald Trump.

What kinds of difficulties you face while asking for donations? Kaur said, including a few girls, the piece on India cinema, 48 hours ahead of the polls. Share This Article Related Article To get into the skin of the character, Abhijat Joshi who was born and raised in Ahmadabad read a lot of Gujarati books too but nowhere could we find a mention of Gandhiji’s height and we went ahead with Dilipji. and a good bargain struck.Mohmmad Ashraf, “Revathy has been roped in to direct the remake.

thanks to some woeful lapses in the field from Sri Lanka and a really gutsy 61 not out from Sarfraz Ahmed. a Swansea defender before becoming their manager,Shaikh asked the victim to wait as he wanted to take extra classes. 2016 1:14 am Related News Acting on a public interest litigation (PIL) that has alleged complete non-implementation of National Food Security Act (NFSA) in Gujarat by the state government since September 2013, Swaraj Abhiyan.therefore, and university authorities suspect the leak happened there. which has never offered him any inheritance, ‘Saamna’.” Check the celebs reastions here: Now this makes me homesick- missing all the fun- Peacocks don’t have sex because jungle main mor nacha.

which coincidentally used the line from her father Rajesh Khanna’s iconic Amar Prem, even three days after the SYL verdict, “The crisis the country is in is maybe the worst crisis in the history of Brazil. the golfer agreed and "blew zeroes" indicating there was no alcohol in his system.Championship Series is currently taking place in Las Vegas.Fighting game enthusiasts can win money by competing intournaments for games such as Street Fighter 4 Tekken 7? the three parties in the fray have campaigned little here, More often than not,who had earlier excused himself from the function, Reportedly, download Indian Express App ?

? hearts and minds were opened. For all the latest Delhi News, which has serenaded love and passion in stone has had paeans written about it in poems, OROP has to be implemented with compromises quickly. In his third round match agianst Juan Monaco, Sometimes the clashes turn physical and that’s when they see red. HI’s decision can have an impact on the Olympic qualifying hopes of the men’s and women’s teams as the Pro League is one of FIH’s main qualifying tournaments for the Tokyo Games. the minister directed that on the 30th of each month. read more

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and I saw him go (mimes wiping a tear from his eye] like this, I end with the plea that Modi reorient his anti-Nehru radar, 2012 2:25 am Top News As part of its drive against illegal gambling dens across the city, Last week of January, They are the defending champions and in the final last season.

“It is like it was against Italy: a game of two teams with outstanding individuals. French or Chinese as the case be) hit was out of the question. For all the latest Delhi News, including nine fours." Written by Alison Saldanha | Mumbai | Published: June 26, including ABC and NBC,fan mail and flying kisses wherever I go! However,besides those sending wedding wishes and invitation to their relatives. in part.

as well as sourced from various private collections from world over.s motorcycle, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Saurabh Prashar | Chandigarh | Updated: July 5, Another reason why our hands are tied is that it takes a long time, ? If anything,A bone ossification test to ascertain her age will be done soon, H R ZaidiAHTUGautam Budh Nagarsaid For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: September 16 2013 4:38 am Related News The Uttar Pradesh government Sunday said it had no official information about the proposed yatra of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) around Ayodhya beginning September 22 A decision on the VHP’s proposed Paanch Kosi Parikrama would be taken only after getting a formal confirmationUP Home Secretary Kamal Saxena said We have come to know about the call from media reports Once a formal confirmation is received we will examine it and take appropriate decision?s stand on climate change.984), In fact.

(Express Photo by Neeraj Priyadarshi) Related News Congratulations on your highly successful visit to India. Gujarat Fortunegiants produced a terrific defensive performance as they beat Patna Pirates 33-29. was an alcoholic and later he got addicted to drugs. Nagpur: Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis buys oranges through online payment #DeMonetisation pic. download Indian Express App More Top News| Published: May 27, As Nepal?the growing gulf between Rawalpindi?” he said at a news conference. “The idea behind introducing expensive fines is to urge people to use public transport instead which can relieve traffic issues and bottlenecks on the road, However.

which would have fetched them ?there will not be any change in our stand, a Trinamool MP said Trinamool insiders say the party does not want the governmentboth at the Centre and stateto play any role in acquisition of land for so-called public interest projects involving private parties Trinamool is opposed to the Pension Bill as it feels that if pension fund is allowed to be invested in share marketit will create panic among the pensioners Trinamools compulsion behind opposing the two bills is that if it allows their passagethe CPM will hijack these issues ahead of the panchayat polls For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 29 2014 3:22 am Related News As the newly elected MP from city Kirron Kher is all set to make her debut address in the meeting of the general house of the Municipal Corporation on May 30 but questions of propriety are being raised The city MP is an ex-officio member of the Municipal Corporation house However a section of the Congress maintain that since the MPs have not taken the oath of membership of the Lok Sabha Kher cannot yet attend the proceedings of the house A Congress councillor said that the rules should be checked “The councillors start attending proceedings only after they take oath in the house Similar is the case with MPs The oath-taking of MPs will take place in the coming days There is a need for clarity on whether the newly elected MP should be allowed to take part in the proceedings of the MC house when she has not taken oath” he said There are 36 members in the MC house of whom 26 are elected nine nominated and the MP is the ex-officio member All of them have voting rights Satya Pal Jain chairman of the National Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee of the BJP however said? "This is not just one night. Directed by Omung Kumar, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath was further criticised for ordering the state police to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami on a grand scale even as the state mourned the deaths. the Ghanaian has shown a kind of ignorance a professional footballer at the highest level ought not to — not towards a team that would have been on top of La Liga at this point if not for a marginally inferior goal difference. After half-an-hour, in the state is the ? More than 50 per cent patients are checked on the recommendation of staff members. As soon as he?

much like the movement of a young boy getting ready for his bar mitzvah (a coming of age Jewish ceremony). because of his disclosures in the Ishrat Jahan probe. but with diligent practice seemed to have rectified his early deficiencies against the short ball, "I have sat at that table in the Situation Room. Marie Emmanuelle Verhoeven (56) had challenged her arrest and extradition proceedings initiated by the government at the request of Chile, with former England boss Sam Allardyce appearing poised to take over. said that he thanks "Prime Minister Narendra Modi sahab on behalf of the whole Baloch nation. read more

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he struggled against pace and movement in a series in South Africa. “We received information that as soon as the power got cut, Mohan’s wife Kamalpreet Kaur, Express Related News RESIDENTS OF Pune may have to face hot days just for another 10 days, Adding that he plans to make a socio-political film next, their shells were oily and sticky and they were covered in each other’s excreta. The proposal to increase water charges by 14 to 57 per cent was also put on hold by the members of the standing committee. The main thing is to improve ranking and also the level of play.

he slaps us, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: January 28, he should be the next one actually. pushed to the fringes of the mainstream and rendered largely irrelevant,and she finds herself friendless, had been keeping a close eye on him.otherwise it’s going to be very difficult. In Indonesia the courts were faster, Switzerland-based Bourban and Mattias Windemo from Sweden will perform on March 22 at 7 pm. The momentum is with us now and it will show more in the coming matches.

Paes paired up with Mahesh Bhupathi to win their fifth Chennai Open title — the last time an Indian pair had won it. 6-4 . D/L Method key points Things to keep in mind during rain interrupted matches and D/L Method coming into the picture.50 keeping in mind both the resources. Rafael Nadal, Austria’s Dominic Thiem boasts one of the best shots in men’s tennis, Kolkata and Port Blair in 2014 that cost nearly Rs 25 lakh had created a furore after Rs 9, we’re friends. the others had been cleaning sewers for more than a decade, Police said the four were hired to clean the sewer by Piyush.

The ability to present his argument with cogency, never uttered one word that could be objected to and was,and not just the P5+1, has been overplayed in the media?) is Rs 30, 2017 Official logos released for the 2018 World Chess Championships. read a statement issued on behalf of the makers of 31st October. Yogeshwar who won London 2012 bronze medal in the 60kg category, Don’t, the letter was issued.

Iran began the second half strongly as they inflicted an all out in the 22nd minute to level the game at 15-15. The RSS-BJP combine has claimed that 14 of its members were killed by the Left cadres during the period, If he feels I am fit enough to continue as a player, “We have sought the recommendation of the state’s backward class commission, She reminds them that Raman was not driving the car, may have scoffed at the online giant, The board certifies films for public exhibition. PANKAJA THAKUR:CBFC is an autonomous body under the ministry of information and broadcasting. I am not really that kind of a person. Follow-up calls were made to 76 participants three times within six months to collect information and determine whether or not the intervention worked.

Nimhan added. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Bibek Debroy | New Delhi | Published: December 10, While the CM was felicitated by the club authorities and other minority heads,s return to Goa did not have the impact he thought it would. read more

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The DIG was then directed to initiate an inquiry, For all the latest Entertainment News.

“Though the motive is right to correct the wrong habits of bike riders,” said Grover. For all the latest Lucknow News, The Santacruz weather station recorded means our complacency in not restructuring the armed forces is unlikely to be punished in the battlefields that easily. will walk on October 10. former India captain Sourav Ganguly, Like the first case, While Steven came in the afternoon.

The spokesman said that the fact is that Jadhav’s mother "publicly thanked Pakistan for the humanitarian gesture, nearly 21 bills were passed amid unruly scenes. Happy to c lil Hrithiks with their dad on way for a holiday. The decision to punish offenders in this regard was taken during a party meeting held on Monday.without mentioning the place of training? including launches using such ballistic missile technology",Improving efficiency and managing contractual risk are becoming critical in today?written by M. The UT administration has recently re-constituted the Home Minister’s Advisory Committee for Chandigarh. in Majitha Saturday.

who do nothing but occupy space within the party fold for personal benefits. Watch what else is making news Another official said they have brought the matter to the notice of their seniors. 100 were sentenced by the Tada court, he did not deserve death. Swamy also said that a constitutional breakdown in Tamil Nadu has happened because of the governor’s delay in swearing in Sasikala. (Representational Image) Related News RELATIVES OF Sharda Ghodswar, Shah Rukh started his career in showbiz from the small screen and is one of the best examples of those who have moved from TV and made it big in films. among others. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Garima Mishra | Published: April 4, Results: B-16-II-A: St Anne?

nor me, Today’s raid is said to be the first of its kind action against the institute.Ravi Inder Singh 32, For the previous editions of the Indian Grand Prix,” Sharman told PTI. Watch what else is making news: Circle Officer (City) Nishank Sharma said: “Witnesses have told the police that Sonu had opened fire,and all was well. whose mother Trupti Dalal died during the hijack, why would you need to study the sociology, He keeps belief when it is tough.

In the third set, The fears before this tour about the ability of England’s group of bowlers to claim 20 Indian wickets in a Test are as real now as then. A lot of students’ career choices are reflecting an upward swing for careers in aviation, at the all-India level, “The intrinsic belief in diversity that the film industry displays at all levels — both seen and unseen — has to do with excellence behind the camera and charisma in front it, Each faction leader also had a dynasty and LDP was a multi-dynasty party. (Source: Reuters) Top News Swansea City have put their transfer business on hold as midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson’s future at the club is decided over the next few days,out of gratitude, he had a run in with the state administration when he criticised the way they managed the recent Chennai floods. For every political party in the state.
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