Atlético – Leganés | Atlético go into a coma

first_imgIt was the last minutes of the game that was not breathable. With a very high tension, full of whistles, whistles and an insane Athletic and unable to beat a team that came as a LaLiga colista. This transition is resulting in a party-to-party drink. Everybody faces Atlético as if all the problems of the world were on their men and shoulders. Sometimes, in football, things like that happen. Things like that your right side holder is injured (Trippier, pubalgia) and your substitute too (Arias, three weeks KO), so you should look to the bottom of your bench and blow the dust to a 2016 signing, Vrsaljko, that put some precise centers, half goals, but that did not work, and went to Milan, Inter, and broke his knee, and returned to recover, just that, but that on a cold January morning there is again, listening from the grass the Thundertrucks of the Metropolitan to play again eleven months after the last time and twenty of the rojiblanca. For not having, in the broadcast of the TV they didn’t even have their picture.This is what this Atleti and its injuries have, this Atleti and its short templates, that one who does not count anything is suddenly headline on a morning full of obligations. Because Atleti dragged them all after Eibar, Leon. And the past knocking on the door. The Basque Aguirre, the first who managed to escape the Intertotos and the Grays in the years before Cholo. It has given a claw to a Leganés who yesterday never seemed a colist. Your plan, perfect: everything defends. He left with nine, a line of five and another in front of four, Braithwaite just on end, as a lone ranger. Del Leganés was the first corner of the game. Red and White gift after a lack of understanding between Felipe and Oblak. The first ten minutes would have all the ingredients of the horror movie that would come. Intense the Leganés, he had control, confidence, passes inside and opportunities. Kevin from the front, Braithwaite’s shot. But Oblak had returned to the red and white goal and his miracles are the only thing that is never in transit at the Atleti. And less bad. Ahead, his team was just crashing into the cucumber wall, unable to link two passes.The stand, while, was debating. If there were timid pitos, louder, much louder, the war cry of recent years was heard. Ole Ole ole. On the grass Atlético had its first chance, a center of Lodi that combed Awaziem and Correa, alone, sent over the crossbar. The man in black has never felt the suit so narrow. All I saw was a nonsense. Losses of Thomas, losses of Saul and all inaccuracies before a Leganés who came, came and sent at the whim of Roque Mesa. Everything could change when Morata and Correa escaped in a counter, the wall fallen, but the last brick of Vasco, Cuellar, cleared the volley while Lega returned to occupy all the meters. The break came with lame belt after an entry of Bustinza and Vitolo warming strong in the band. Desperately, Atlético launched over the final minutes. Aguirre did it with strikers, Carrillo added to Ruibal and Braithwaite. He disappeared. And that the second change of the Cholo had been Herrera, that everything got worse. Vitolo was already the best another day, the only one with intention, overflow and almost a Goya. Because he fell before Recio with a great performance that Mateu did not cheat. A Mateu who also saw no penalty in a fall of Felipe with Rosales. The Brazilian went crazy, the match. The unrest filled the end.Atletico throwing ridiculous corners, the highest decibels, Cuellar expelled for searching for another Goya, faking the aggression of a ball boy, and wasting time on the way to the locker room, which with the point the Lega ceased to be a colist. It took four minutes. Only one more would last the game, with Silva forced goalkeeper and the rojiblancos without taking advantage of it. A dantesque operetta to close another, what this team has become. From bad to worse. ChangesVitolo (45 ‘, Marcos Llorente), Aitor Ruibal (60 ‘, Eraso), Hector Herrera (61 ‘, Belt), Guido Carrillo (77 ‘, Kévin Rodrigues), Ivan Saponjic (87 ‘, Vrsaljko), Oscar Rodriguez (89 ‘, Braithwaite)center_img Cholo’s sacrifice was Llorente, its less bad player yesterday in the center, only a loss in 45 minutes. As soon as he stepped on Vitolo grass, João leaked a goal ball that broke between the Canary and Correa, getting in the way. The Portuguese was a vergel in a desert. But nobody takes advantage of their passes. He continued to dominate the Leganés against an Atlético like the M-30 on a rainy day, infinite traffic jam. Oblak sent a distant shot of Recio to corner while Cholo made tetris with his players. From 4-3-3 to 4-4-2 with Saul and Thomas in the double pivot or a 4-2-3-1 with Saul second forward. So dizzy at all, Braithwaite kept threatening every time he stepped on the area against an Atletico determined to launch lateral centers towards nowhere, lost in the search for himself. He will lack goal, yes, but above all leaders, the courage of men like Gabi or Godín. The players now go to the clash as if asking for forgiveness. Oh Koke How much is missing when it is not. CardsReferee: Antonio Miguel Mateu LahozVAR Referee: Alfonso Javier Álvarez IzquierdoChidozie Awaziem (10 ‘, Yellow) Erasmus (53 ‘, Yellow) Pichu (75 ‘, Yellow) Roque Mesa (88 ‘, Yellow) Hard (91 ‘, Yellow) Pichu (92 ‘, Red) Savic (95 ‘, Yellowlast_img