Council to host tourney

first_imgAfter the final home men’s basketball game of the season tonight, the Sophomore Class Council will host a knockout basketball tournament in the hopes of breaking a world record. Sophomore Krystal Alvarez, a class council and athletic committee member, said event organizers hope to have enough participants to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. “The tournament will take place right after the game is over on the court at Purcell Pavilion,” Alvarez said. “It’s a rare opportunity to play on the court and a chance to come together as a community to put Notre Dame in the record books.” Alvarez said Keough Hall rector Fr. Pete McCormick tried to hold a similar tournament on South Quad last spring, but only had 200 participants. “We need at least 380 participants to break the world record,” Alvarez said. “Hopefully playing on the court at Purcell Pavilion on Senior Night will be more of a draw.” Alvarez said the Sophomore Class Council decided to make the knockout tournament free of charge to anybody who attended the game to increase participation. The athletic committee came together with the Marketing and Ticketing Office at the Joyce Center to create a deal to promote even more participation, Alvarez said. “We were able to score a deal where the first 50 students who commit to participate in the knockout tournament and do not already have a ticket to the game will have the opportunity to purchase a five-dollar ticket instead of the full 15-dollar price to the game,” Alvarez said. Alvarez said the Sophomore Class Council hopes both students and fans are able to come together to get into the record books. “It’s not limited to student participation, it’s open to the community as well,” Alvarez said. “Anyone who attends the game is encouraged to participate.”last_img