VIDEO Lance Stephenson expects his first home game back with the Pacers

first_imgLance Stephenson just signed with the Pacers after bouncing around the league for the last several years. He had his best years as a pro with Indiana, including playing a key role in two playoff runs to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2013 and 2014.Even though Stephenson is a certified bench player at this point in his career,”Born Ready”‘s confidence isn’t the least bit shook.In a recent interview, when asked what he expected the atmosphere to be like when he took the floor for the Pacers again, Stephenson said he thought it would be, “like Michael Jordan coming back to play in the NBA or something like that.”Yeah, something like that Lance. Advertisement Here’s the delusional video:I asked Lance what he thinks Tuesday will be like…. His answer might be the most Lanciest thing ever:— Michael Grady (@Grady) April 1, 2017last_img