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Kids Coding Tool Cubetto Returns to Kickstarter

first_imgStay on target More than any generation before them, kids these days are being raised on screens: computer, tablet, smartphone, or otherwise. But not all technology requires pixels and a plug.Primo Toys, maker of the hands-on coding game Cubetto, has returned to Kickstarter as part of the platform’s Gold program—this time with a new set of of play maps and activity books.Since launching on June 20, the company has far surpassed its $100,000 goal, netting more than $578,000 from 2,600-plus backers.With eight days left to campaign, Primo Toys still has plenty of rewards to hand out: everything from digital downloads to providing 20 Cubetto Deluxe to a charity, institution, or school of your choice.Cubetto returns with two new adventure packs (via Primo Toys)Newcomers can snag the original Cubetto Playset, with one robot and interface board, 16 coding blocks, a personalized storybook, and more, for $225; or pick up the $275 Cubetto Complete, which includes all six adventure packs.Kids ages three and up can send the smiling square on epic adventures using a board as control panel and blocks as hands-on programming language.“This Montessori meets coding,” Primo’s campaign page said.Simply write a program using forward, left, and right blocks, and watch as Cubetto happily follows your directions—exploring loops, functions, and algorithms along the way.And now, two new Kickstarter-exclusive adventure packs allow users to tell even more stories with Cubetto.Swarmy Swamp and Polar Expedition are the first two in a set of upcoming expansions (via Primo Toys)A $50 pledge gets you the first two in a series of expansions set for release throughout the year: Polar Expedition and Swarmy Swamp. Described as “a heart-thumping Arctic race” and “an airboat ride through a misty marshland,” respectively, each pack comes with its own 3-by-3-foot cloth map and storybook, featuring challenges and activities.Tack on the four classic kits—Space Odyssey (visit the International Space Station, Mars, and Jupiter), Blue Ocean (swim beneath icebergs of the North Sea), Big City (take in parks, markets, and landscapes), Ancient Egypt (unearth ancient treasures)—for an additional $50.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Keto Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Car KeysCovert Dock for Nintendo Switch Fits in Your Pocket last_img read more