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Students advocate “Equal Pay Day”

first_imgWhile many students spent yesterday afternoon in class or at lunch, junior Laura Corrigan and senior Cat Cleary advocated for equal pay. The Saint Mary’s students stood on the steps of the South Bend courthouse with Mayor Pete Buttigieg as he declared yesterday “Equal Pay Day.” “Equal Pay Day” is a recognized day across the nation intended to promote awareness for the fact women are paid less money than man, Cleary said. “It takes a woman 15 and a half months to earn what a man makes in a year,” she said. “Women earn 77 cents for every one dollar men earn. People will brush this issue off and say it isn’t relevant, but it is.” Corrigan and Cleary, sponsored by a grant provided by the American Association of University Women (AAUW), have been working all semester on projects and programs that promote the mission of the AAUW. “The mission of the AAUW is to break through barriers for girls and women,” Cleary said. During Spring Break, Cleary and Corrigan decided they wanted to devise a way to promote “Equal Pay Day” in the South Bend community. After reaching out to the local AAUW branch, the League of Women Voters of the South Bend area, the South Bend Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) and the Gender and Women’s Studies Department at Indiana University South Bend, Corrigan and Cleary drafted a letter to Mayor Buttigieg. The letter requested the mayor commemorate April 17 and bring awareness to the issue. “We wanted to draw attention to this issue,” Corrigan said. “[Women] have a lifetime of earnings ahead of us. Think how much money that is – the wage gap really adds up.” At noon on Tuesday, the mayor honored the letter’s request. During a press conference with reporters, business men and women and other community leaders, Mayor Buttigieg declared April 17 “Equal Pay Day.” The declaration was in sync with other organizations, protests and events throughout the nation also dedicated to promoting equal pay. “We were one small part of a larger movement,” Cleary said. “There were larger movements occurring all across the country.” Corrigan and Cleary said the process was relatively smooth and they were not worried about making their hopes of “Equal Pay Day” in South Bend a reality. “I know Buttigieg is very committed to social issues,” Cleary said. “I wasn’t worried; I knew we would have his support for this issue.” Corrigan agreed with Cleary, saying Mayor Buttigieg was a valuable assets to their work to promote “Equal Pay Day” in South Bend. “[Buttigieg] said it was important that men should care about this issue, too,” she said. “It’s not just a woman’s issue. It is important that everyone is aware about this problem.” Contact Bridget Feeney at bfeene01@saintmarys.edulast_img read more

Glickman Research Visit

first_imgU.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman came to Georgia Friday to view the harsh effects of floods and freezes on Georgia agriculture. But he saw much more. Glickman expanded his Georgia visit to include the University of Georgia campus and the Richard B. Russell Agricultural Research Center because “Georgia is clearly a food safety leader.” The UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has the largest collection of food safety researchers in the country. Advances in food safety and sanitation issues depend on strong research in food science and other related areas. Yet the dollars for research are going down, Glickman said. “President Clinton made a powerful case for support of research for health issues,” Glickman said. “Everyone understands research into cancer. They know this research can improve their lives. ” But people don’t know or understand that link between agricultural research and their lives,” he said. “Even with all the work on genetic engineering, technology and ways of feeding the world, people just don’t see any relationship of what is being done in agricultural research to the average American. It affects everybody’s lives, not just farmers.” The one area with big increases in funding, Glickman said, is food safety. “And that’s because kids died from E. coli,” he said. Glickman spoke out in favor of the President’s $101 million initiative for better meat and poultry inspection, consumer education, risk assessment and surveillance. “A big chunk of that $101 million is for an educational campaign for consumers,” Glickman said, “It would be a big mistake not to realize this is a farm-to-home issue. The consumer has a great deal to do with his or her own food safety.” Although consumers must understand how to properly prepare and cook foods, the food processing industry is primarily responsible for producing safe food, the secretary said. USDA closed down two dozen plants short-term last year because they didn’t comply with food safety and contamination rules. “I call it the atomic bomb of authority,” Glickman said. “I can shut down a plant. But that puts people out of work. I’d rather have the power to fine and the authority to order mandatory recall. I can only ask. “The Consumer Product Safety Commission can recall toys, but we can’t recall bad food. You can draw your own conclusions from that.” Even with these limits, Glickman said, this country has the safest food safety system in the world. When Asian markets plummeted from fear of influenza from poultry and Europeans cut back on beef during the mad cow disease scare, American shoppers showed no signs of fear. “Consumers have confidence in the American food supply,” Glickman said. “Producers know if consumers have confidence, they will continue to buy.”last_img read more

League Clubs Get 14-day Ultimatum to Pay Players, Coaches

first_imgNigeria players’ union, the National Association of Nigeria Professional Footballers (NANPF), has issued a 14-day ultimatum to clubs in the country’s top divisions to pay up their players and coaches.“As a result of the failure of the affected clubs to comply with the arbitration decisions as communicated to them by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and the League Management Company (LMC), the Nigeria players’ union has issued the indebted clubs 14 days within which to pay the affected players and coaches or be ready to face the consequences of their non-compliance,” warned a statement by the NANPF.Having failed to secure the necessary statutory sanctions of the clubs for non-compliance by both the Nigeria Football Federation and the league bodies, the NANPF has commenced discussions with the leadership of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria to carry out strategic plans in ensuring full compliance by the affected clubs after the expiration of the 14 days deadline. Furthermore, the union is also aware of the clandestine moves of some indebted clubs in the Nigeria National League, to register for the 2016 league season, without complying with the decisions of the NFF Arbitration Committee to pay the affected players and coaches as communicated to the NNL by the NFF, the union have urged such clubs to do the right thing by paying the affected players and coaches or be ready to face the consequences of such unholy moves.In the meantime, the union has commended the government of Kwara State and management of Kwara United FC for paying their debts to the players and coaches in compliance with the arbitration decision.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more