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Tangier One Immigrant Killed in Fighting Between SubSaharan Immigrants Moroccans

Rabat- One illegal immigrant from Senegal was reportedly beaten to death while 14 others were injured in a fight that broke out late Friday night in Tangier between sub-Saharan African immigrants and dozens of Moroccans.According to a press release from the urban authority of Tangier, the confrontation began after a misunderstanding between a sub-Saharan African immigrant and a Moroccan.It turned a fierce fight, late Friday night in Hay Al Irfane district in Tangier.Alyaou24 said that the misunderstanding escalated dramatically and turned into a bloody conflict between dozens of sub-Saharan immigrants and Moroccans who came to the defense of their fellow Moroccan, using knives, swords, and iron rods. The Senegalese immigrant was killed after being stabbed in the neck. His death provoked the wrath of the other sub-Saharan African immigrants, and made the fighting more violent, as they determined to take revenge. The fighting continued brutally, until the local police intervened.The urban authority of Tangier revealed that the police arrested 8 persons involved in the fighting.This episode of bloody fighting between sub-Saharan African immigrants and Moroccans is not the first of its kind. In July, a fierce fight took place in the Maadeed neighborhood in Rabat between dozens of natives and sub-Saharan African immigrants.That confrontation also began after a misunderstanding between a Moroccan and a Sub-Saharan African immigrant and escalated into a brawl, creating a terror in the area. read more