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Spring Into Shape

first_img Introducing a New Look for The Manual Editors’ Recommendations The Best Podcasts to Listen to at Work The Best Netflix Food Documentaries to Savor Right Now 10 Best Whiskies for Irish Coffee How to Make a Rum Old Fashioned Spring has already arrived (hard to believe in some parts of the nation, we know) and summer is  quickly approaching, and that means bathing suit season for everyone -Wahoo! After hibernating through the winter months we realize that we need to get back into the routine of working out and looking good so we can hit the beach with confidence.If you don’t already know about them- SoulCycle is an intense 45 minute workout program that has developed a cult following. SoulCycle is expected to expand from its current fourteen locations to an upwards of 40 locations nationwide over the next five years with additional studios in New York, Los Angeles, London and beyond. Offering a variety of classes for cyclists of all levels.The Manual spoke to SoulCycle instructor Tomas Mikuzis about getting back into shape and asked for some helpful tip to get us to the finish line.“The hardest part of getting back into shape for summer is the initial ‘step through the door’. Stay motivated and remember it gets easier every time you workout” Mikuzis says.We know we can’t eat barbecue every day (sigh), what do you suggest for beach body confidence?1.Eat clean and healthy when you are starting to get back into shape. Organic produce is a great way to go. Check out your local farmers market or grocery store.2. Be sure to eat enough clean protein (grass fed, organic, no artificial additives) your body will absorb more of the nutrients when its cleaner protein.3. Eat your veggies! Veggies are great for anytime of the day to eat and snack on.4. Watch how much you eat… don’t over eat. Make sure you are consuming enough calories but don’t overdo it!How many times a week should we  visit SoulCycle to see results?I believe that if you take three  SoulCycle classes a week you will definitely see results and see them quickly. There is no real limit to how many classes you can take to start.  Listen to your body and see what is comfortable for you. Giving your body rest is just as important as working out. Give your body rest so that it can recover and make you stronger!How does training differ for men from our lady friends?Training can differ from male to female, but a combination of cardio and strength training is a must when trying to get back into shape. If you are looking to bulk up a bit try using heavier weights with less repetition and for more of a leaner sculpted look, light weight with more repetition is the way to go.If you are looking to lose those extra “Winter Pounds” just remember that it took some time to add those pounds and it will take time to get them off.Stay with a fitness routine people! And maybe go for a side salad instead of those fries and chips at the next summer backyard food fest.For locations or to set up a class, visit http://www.soul-cycle.comlast_img read more

Mali Ban welcomes bilateral assistance to stop southward onslaught of insurgents

“The Secretary-General hopes these actions will help to arrest the latest offensive while efforts continue to fully implement Security Council Resolution 2085 (2012) aimed at the full restoration of Mali’s constitutional order and territorial integrity,” according to a statement released by his spokesperson. Northern Mali was occupied by radical Islamists after fighting broke out in January 2012 between Government forces and Tuareg rebels, after which the country underwent a military coup d’état, in March.According to media reports, a French air operation began on Friday and continued over the weekend after the armed groups overran the town of Konna, which had been on the de facto dividing line between those areas under Government control and those already occupied by the rebels.Mr. Ban stressed that the latest events underscore the urgency of implementing all aspects of resolution 2085, including support for Malian defence forces and the deployment of the African-led International Support Mission in Mali, or AFISMA, the Council authorized through that text, according to the statement.Also urgent were the success of mediation efforts of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the development of a consensual roadmap for a political transition and provision of support, Mr. Ban said.According to the statement, preparations are also continuing for the deployment soon of a UN multidisciplinary team to the capital, Bamako, to carry forward support requested for both the political and security process. Mr. Ban spoke on Saturday with the President of Côte d’Ivoire and Chair of ECOWAS, Alassane Ouattara, who briefed him on the ECOWAS summit planned for 19 January in Abuja and the plans of several of its member States to deploy military forces, the spokesperson said. The Secretary-General was briefed on the French operation yesterday by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. Meanwhile, Mr. Ban’s Special Representative for West Africa, Said Djinnit, continues his consultations in the sub-region as part of efforts to speed up implementation of resolution 2085, the spokesman added.Mr. Djinnit met today in Abuja with the President of the ECOWAS Commission, Ambassador Kadré Desiré Ouédraogo, and with Foreign Minister Djibrill Bassolé of Burkina Faso. He is expected to travel to Bamako in the coming days, Mr. Ban’s spokesperson said.Also this afternoon, the delegation of France briefed the Security Council in a closed-door session on the military action conducted by the country after which its Permanent Representative told correspondents that Council members had expressed their support and understanding of the operation in the context of resolution 2085. The renewed clashes in the north, as well as the proliferation of armed groups in the region, drought and political instability have uprooted hundreds of thousands of civilians in Mali. Over 412,000 people have been forced to flee the north, and an estimated five million people have been affected by the conflict. read more