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Fake gold bars being sold online for up to 1200 are actually

BARRIE, Ont. — Police in Ontario are warning the public about an online offer that isn’t worth its weight in gold.Investigators say they’ve received complaints of counterfeit gold bars being sold online through buy and sell websites such as Kijiji.Police in Barrie, Ont., say the bars appear to be real at first glance and are professionally packed and bear an official looking stamp resembling the Perth Mint or the Royal Canadian Mint.Testing has shown the bars are nothing more than copper plated with gold.Police say the high-quality counterfeit bars are being offered in various weights and range in price from $300 to $1,200, but their actual worth is about 25 cents to $2.00.

Elizabeth Is lost dress to go on display at Hampton Court after thousand

Eleri Lynn, curator of the HRP dress collection, told the Telegraph that, when they unpicked the back and removed a linen cover, they could see that the embroidery had been worked directly on to a cloth of silver, an astonishing achievement, making… Queen Elizabeth I was famed for the magnificence of her dresses, and there was excitement four years ago when an altar cloth in a tiny church in Herefordshire was identified as possibly the only surviving fabric from one of them. Now, after 1,000 hours of conservation and research by the Historic Royal Palaces (HRP), the skill of the 16th-century embroiderer who lavishly enhanced a cloth of silver was even more extraordinary than previously realised.