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4th quarter fiasco

first_imgIn the playoffs, Bryant relies on his teammates to keep the ball moving, to set screens and picks. When that didn’t happen in the fourth quarter, it was Bryant against the world, and the world won. “You’ve got to get some stops (on defense), get out in transition and get some easy opportunities,” Bryant said. “Getting to the free-throw line helps a lot as well. You have to spread the floor, you have to execute properly, you have to set strong screens and look for a lot of action off the ball. “It’s all execution. Particularly when you go into the playoffs, you’re going to face experienced teams, and what they’re going to try to do is take away your strengths. We have to learn, collectively, how to counter-punch. As a unit, we have to be able to make adjustments to what they’re doing defensively.” Bryant didn’t get help in another way. When he did pass the ball, his teammates couldn’t make shots. While Bryant’s fourth-quarter flameout drew headlines, Lamar Odom missed three of four shots, Maurice Evans went 0 for 3, and Farmar and Sasha Vujacic missed 3-pointers on their only attempts in the period. “So (Bryant) was 1 for 10 and they were 3 for 11?” Jackson said to reporters. “They pretty much all were cold, so I don’t know if anybody can put any blame on anyone in that situation.” Bryant didn’t necessarily put blame on his teammates for the missed shots, but admitted that their inability to hit shots in the fourth quarter added to his frustration level. “Yeah, it’s frustrating,” Bryant said. “But you know, there’s nothing you can do except stick with it. You just have to go with it. It’s tough to beat three or four guys off the dribble. That’s crazy. When we get opportunities we have to capitalize on the shots.” If Bryant and the Lakers can take solace from anything in Game 1, it’s the success Bryant had in the first half despite pressure from Bell, his longtime nemesis, with some help from Shawn Marion. Marion’s length can cause problems when he shifts over to put pressure on Bryant, but most of the defense comes from Bell, with whom he has developed a spirited rivalry. Bryant said a military-based book was given to him last year by Jackson, one that “talked about warriors respecting other warriors,” and he found relevance to his personal showdown with Bell. “It gave me a new perspective on things,” Bryant said. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for Raja and what he does, and I enjoy matching up against him because I know he’s going to play hard every possession, which makes it fun for me.” In Game 1, however, the fun ended after three quarters. [email protected] (818) 713-3611160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The Lakers will have to find the answer quickly if they are to avoid falling into a 2-0 series hole tonight against the Suns, and Bryant’s consistency likely will depend on his teammates’ consistency. “We made it tough on him as a team,” Lakers point guard Jordan Farmar said before Monday’s practice at USAirways Center. “We got away from what was working, which was getting easy shots, running our offense, making them play defense, coming off screens and moving without the ball. “We just made him work too hard. We need to stick with what got us there, keep running our offense and make it easy on him, because that makes it easy on the rest of the team.” It’s no stretch to say the Lakers played their best half of the season Sunday. Bryant carried the way, particularly late in the first half when he scored 15 consecutive points, but he got open looks – even with lockdown defender Raja Bell in his face – because he was usually within the flow of a functioning offense. The isolation plays Bryant thrives on during the regular season disappear in the playoffs. As Bryant noted, when he looked up Sunday, he often saw four defenders between him and the basket. PHOENIX – As often as it might seem otherwise, the Lakers are not a one-man team. Even when Kobe Bryant is brilliant, as he was through three quarters of Game 1 of their first-round playoff series when he torched Phoenix for 35 points and seemed to hold the game in his palm, his teammates remain relevant. That became evident in the fourth quarter, when the Lakers’ supporting cast failed to move the ball and Bryant’s shots finally stopped falling. The offense bogged down, Bryant fired up shots in the face of double-teams and missed nine of his 10attempts as the Lakers lost 95-87. In the aftermath, questions became Bryant-centric. Did he tire, as Phil Jackson suggested? Did he try to do too much, a criticism that often follows Bryant? Or did the Lakers themselves do the most damage? last_img read more

Governor denies clemency for Tookie Williams

first_imgGov. Arnold Schwarzenegger denied the clemency petition of Stanley Tookie Williams this afternoon, and Williams’ legal team vowed to continue fighting to save the death row inmate’s life until his scheduled execution at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday. Williams, a leader of the Crips in the 1970s often credited for founding the violent street gang, was convicted in 1981 of murdering four people in two 1979 robberies. He still maintains his innocence. Jonathan Harris, Williams’ attorney, said he will seek a stay of execution from both the governor and the courts based on new evidence from three witnesses who came forward in the last week. This afternoon, Williams’ legal team filed petitions to both the governor’s office and the U.S. Supreme Court. Three people have come forward to the defense team in the past week with evidence suggesting Williams was framed, Harris said. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBlues bury Kings early with four first-period goals “What these people have come forward and said corroborates what Stanley Williams has been saying for 25 years, that he is innocent,” Harris said. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor will consider Williams’ petitions for a stay and to reopen the case. O’Connor can act on the petitions alone or refer them to the full court for consideration. Earlier in the day, Williams’ defense team was dealt two blows in the span of an hour – a federal appeals court rejected a request for a stay, and Schwarzenegger rejected Williams’ request for clemency. The clemency request was based on Williams’ claim of redemption. For the past decade, he has tried to spread an anti-gang message from his San Quentin jail cell. He wrote nine children’s books and outlined a formula for gang truces on his Web site, www.tookie.com. Schwarzenegger, though, questioned Williams’ redemption. He said he has not apologized for his crimes, his writing has little mention of atonement and the dedication to his book “Life in Prison” includes violent criminals. He also questioned the effectiveness of Williams’ books. “It is hard to assess the effect of such efforts in concrete terms, but the continued pervasiveness of gang violence leads one to question the efficacy of Williams’ message,” Schwarzenegger wrote in the clemency decision. “Williams co-founded the Crips, a notorious street gang that has contributed and continues to contribute to predatory and exploitative violence.” Williams’ supporters consider him an effective anti-gang voice that potential gang members can relate to and argue that silencing that voice will cost lives on the street. His critics say he is an unrepentant, cold-blooded killer who has never apologized for his crimes and refuses to provide information about gang members – proof he has not renounced his gang past. The case has galvanized both sides of the death penalty argument. Led by a star-studded cast, including actor Jamie Foxx, rapper Snoop Dogg and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Williams supporters and anti-death penalty activists have held frequent rallies and protests, urging Schwarzenegger to grant clemency. Law enforcement leaders, prosecutors and conservatives have been just as vocal arguing against clemency. — Josh Kleinbaum, (818) 546-3669 [email protected] local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Meyers Leonard lights up Warriors for 25 first-half points in Game 4

first_imgBut Monday night, Leonard lit up the Warriors in the first half with 25 points on … The Trail Blazers are desperate.Their backs are against the wall in a must-win Game 4.In moments like this, teams turn to their stars to carry them through adversity. The Blazers turned to … Meyers Leonard?The Portland center averaged 5.9 points per game in the regular season, and after the Blazers signed Enes Kanter, he became the fourth-string center behind Jusuf Nurkic, Kanter and Zach Collins.last_img

NLE Showdown: DaVinci Resolve vs. Adobe Premiere Pro — Text Effects

first_imgIn this NLE showdown, we compare the text and title generators in Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve — and there’s a clear victor.Earlier this year, I attended London’s VidCon with Blackmagic to demonstrate Resolve to the passing youngsters — or as many companies view them, the customers of tomorrow. Both Adobe and Blackmagic had a presence at the convention to promote their software to the up-and-coming content creators. While many young creators care little about 12-bit footage and RAW, they do long for quirky text functions. As I hear every weekend from my ten-year-old nephew, “Uncle Lewis, can you make me an intro for my YouTube channel?”So, how does each program measure up when examining title generators, built-in text effects, and pre-made presets?Resolve TextI will openly admit that I don’t like how DaVinci Resolve handles text. This is from my write-up Is DaVinci Resolve’s Title Generator a Hit or a Miss?:I love Resolve. It is, after all, a world-class color grading application, and the designers have made massive improvements with the NLE’s capabilities in 12.5 and in 14. However, the title generator is only standard NLE quality, despite a great-looking UI. It is great for simple location introductions, or to fade the name of an interviewee in and out. But for anything that is slightly creative, you’re better off working with a dedicated motion-graphics compositor.My main frustrations involved trying to do anything creative with text in Resolve. For example, in the still below, I have two text layers (because you can’t change the font size of one line in a simple fashion). One using the standard text generator, and the other using Text+. I’m able to move “The Beat” freely by simply selecting the text within the timeline viewer itself and moving the text to a new position. The PremiumBeat text, however, isn’t as easy. I must first select the text, then activate the transform tool, then move the text.Text+, which builds the text from a Fusion source, rolled out with Resolve 15, adding a number of creative controls with how the text operates — from animating the text with a write-on effect to rotating the text in z-space. Text+ also offers a lot more design choices by allowing you to adjust the shading of the color and the properties of the appearance, such as making the font appear as just a text outline.However (and again) frustrations arise when you realize that not all individual parameters have a reset function for when using Text+. And, even if you were to click Ctrl-Z to undo the action, nothing happens. It will only undo movement and font changes.From having to click through several menus to change specific properties of the text, to the tedious process of having to select the text on the track before changing the position in the timeline monitor, it’s not a fun process. We can’t forget what is perhaps everyone’s main grievance with Resolve and its text: when choosing a font, you don’t see a preview of the font’s design. You have to scroll through each font manually. (A Blackmagic representative stated in the Resolve Facebook Usergroup that this will be changing in the future.)While I have grievances with the simple text elements in Resolve, several 3D and 2D title presets were included with the incorporation of Fusion, last year. With these new titles, you can quickly drag and drop pre-made 3D custom titles to spice up your footage. Perfect for the content creator on-the-go.2D example:3D example:However, it does appear as if these presets are hard-baked into the software; therefore, you can’t customize the properties outside of the color elements.Many Resolve functions adjust with sliders rather than numerical inputs. While this isn’t inherently a negative attribute, I do find that the sliders respond a little too extremely. The slightest movement to the right can increase the text by 100 percent when you only want to move it 5 percent.Premiere TextIt’s no surprise that the company behind Photoshop offers an excellent text function in their editing software. A few years back, they removed the “add text object” and added a type tool similar to Photoshop. Being able to hit a keyboard shortcut (T) as opposed to opening the effects library, finding the title generator, and placing it onto a track is a lot more organic. And, if we want to talk about fluidity, the ability to just click on the text to move it is effortless. Of course, being able to adjust the size, font, and color of two lines of text in a single text object is a godsend. In Resolve, both lines of text would require separate text objects.Unlike Resolve and After Effects, Premiere doesn’t offer any built-in 3D text presets. As such, you would need to import them from After Effects. However, (and again) unlike Resolve, you can apply a vast number of video effects to the text object in Premiere — from transitions to the video effects themselves. In Resolve, if I were to apply a glow effect to a fusion title, it freaks out. (Although, it’s essential to note that you can apply effects to Fusion titles, but it has to be on the fusion page and added with the fusion effects.)If there’s one thing about Resolve that irritates me more than the text tool, it’s how it handles keyframes on the edit page. Whether audio, video, or text, keyframes are adjusted on the clip itself by opening the keyframe panel on the track. In Premiere, we have a separate window within the effects controls, which makes the process smoother and more efficient when animating text properties such as size or rotation.I’ve been trying to conjure something snarky to say about the type tool in Premiere, but there’s nothing to be said. It’s a simple, useful tool that’s easy to use. I haven’t edited in Premiere for over two years now, and despite pressing every incorrect keyboard shortcut, I was able to apply and animate the text quickly and with ease.I love using Resolve, and I think it’s the very best in many areas, however, text isn’t one of them. Despite not having custom presets or 3D text applications, Premiere wins this round for the simplicity of its text.Lewis McGregor is a certified DaVinci Resolve trainer.Looking for more articles on film and video editing? Check these out.NLE Showdown: DaVinci Resolve vs. Adobe Premiere Pro — Processing PowerNLE Showdown: DaVinci Resolve vs. Adobe Premiere Pro — The CostThe Complete Video Editors Guide to Working with MusicDownload, Prep, and Import Song Stems to Your Favorite NLEIndustry Interview: Documentary Editor Aaron Wickendenlast_img read more