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Kayaker Greyson-Newman ends river tour today

first_img Completing journey Today he will travel on the Plantation Gardens river in St Thomas before completing his journey at the Kingston Harbour in Down Town Kingston. “The reception we have been getting is great. People see us coming with two Kayaks and they are intrigued,” he noted Another of Greyson-Newman’s goal was to assess local rivers as he wants to establish international competitions locally and he has been impressed by the various characteristics of rivers he has encountered. “The problem was how do we shortlist over a hundred rivers down to 14, that was the first challenge, but each river has it own characteristics. Rio Cobre where we started on Sunday had boulders and rapids. Milk River, Alligator Pond both have crocodiles. “We would like to have an international Jamaica race, and Rio Cobre and Salt River in Hanover are a couple rivers we see international competitors coming to Jamaica to participate in. We want kayaking and canoeing to be another sport in Jamaica’s repertoire as there is a lot to be gained from this sport and that’s what we are trying to get out,” he commented. “The reason we are ending at Kingston Harbour is because it is the closest location to the Aquatic centre. The harbour is quite wide and open so it will tricky, so to get from one side to the other will be an achievement, and getting across Jamaica and the 14 rivers would be a phenomenal.” British born Jamaican kayaker, Tony Greyson-Newman, will close the chapter on his one week expedition at the Kingston Harbour this afternoon between 1:00pm and 2:00pm, where he will complete traversing 14 of the island’s rivers in seven days in an effort to raise funds for the Kingston Aquatic Sports Academy. However, Greyson-Newman, says they are still a far way off their target of 10,000 pounds (J$1.6 million) but he is still hoping they can accomplish their objective on today’s final day. “It is not as well as I hoped and we are not sure why. It has been an online fundraiser and we have tried our best to put it out on social media and people have been donating and supporting and we are very grateful. But we have a target of 10.000 pounds, that will pay for the initial equipment to get things started but we are not near that target,” he said. “We are hoping that as things draw to a close more donations will be made and we can reach our target. The fundraising is the basis of me doing 14 rivers in seven days. Some have donated and we are hoping that other will. But we are not where we want to be financially to get the equipment we need to put in the programme,” he added. Greyson-Newman started out on the Rio Cobre in St.Catherine and the Milk River in Clarendon on Sunday. On Monday he travelled the Alligator Pond in Manchester and Black River in St Elizabeth, and the seven Miles Beach and Cabaritta River in Westmoreland on Tuesday, before taking on Salt Creek in Hanover and Great River in St James on Wednesday. On Thursday, he took on the Martha Brae in Trelawny and White Water in St Ann, before conquering the Rio Nuevo in St Mary and the Rio Grand in Portland on Friday.last_img read more

Chelsea left-back completes Birmingham City loan move

first_imgChelsea’s Ben Gordon has joined Birmingham City on loan until January.The move was agreed some time ago but was delayed after Gordon picked up an injury.He has previously had spells on loan at Kilmarnock and Peterborough United.See also:Chelsea youngster set to complete Birmingham loan moveFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

When Will They Ever Learn?

first_imgOnce again, the obstructionists are hard at work. According to a recent article in The Hill, a nonpartisan, nonideological daily paper for and about Congress, climate and energy bills currently clawing their way through Congress are meeting stiff resistance from several industry groups, including the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and the National Association of Realtors (NAR). In basic terms, the bill would require new homes to be 30% more energy efficient by 2010, and 50% by 2014. In letters to representatives, the various trade groups claim the bill “makes faulty or unproven economic and technical assumptions about the viability of achieving certain energy-efficiency targets for buildings and homes.”What planet do they live on?According to the article in The Hill, “The trade groups say they support efforts to improve the energy efficiency of homes and businesses but that the codes are better left to local and state officials to set and enforce. Those codes have already been updated. One lobbyist involved in the effort said finding additional energy savings will be difficult.”The fact that NAHB, which is madly promoting the new National Green Building Standard and its practical and affordable methods, can claim that “additional energy savings will be difficult” is hard to swallow. I wish that the organization would deliver a more coordinated public message.Are we looking at the next GM and Chrysler?Anecdotal evidence suggests that many builders and remodelers who are well established in the green-building sector are doing better than contractors who are building in traditional ways. Consumer demand is there, the cost of creating more efficient buildings is minimal, and the benefits for all concerned are well documented. These industry groups digging in and fighting against energy efficiency is alarmingly similar to US auto companies spending decades fighting fuel-efficiency standards—and look where that’s gotten them!I feel that the factions at NAHB and NAR that are fighting increased energy efficiency standards should reconsider those positions, particularly while others at those same organizations are working hard to support more sustainable construction through programs such as the National Green Building Standard. My hope is that we can stop fighting, come to a level of agreement, and allow everyone to benefit from better home construction and renovation.last_img read more

Why YouTube’s Election Hub is Fizzling

first_imgTags:#marketing#web#YouTube Related Posts YouTube’s livestreaming Elections Hub received a swell of press coverage at launch, but come its first event – the Republican National Convention – the number of viewers was pitifully small. Do the low numbers result from the site’s lack of an adult audience, the difficulty of generating political interest among younger viewers, or ineffective promotion? Turns out, it’s all those things.YouTube partnered with big names for its Elections Hub: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera English, ABC News, BuzzFeed, Univision, Larry King and YouTube favorite Philip DeFranco.  Every partner except for Buzzfeed, DeFranco and Al Jazeera English struggled to get 1000 views of its on-demand content during the RNC and leading up to its Democratic counterpart.    Low Viewership is No SurpriseThe low numbers aren’t surprising, according to a YouTube spokesperson who requested anonymity, as site executives didn’t expect the Elections Hub to be an overnight success considering the average age of the YouTube demographic is in their teens.“We’re very happy with how the Elections Hub is going in these very early days of the political cycle,” wrote the spokesperson in a statement to RWW. “It’s a long-term play that we hope is a great resource for people between now and November 6.” (The spokesperson added, “between live-stream views and views of on-demand video, there have been millions of views of the video on the YouTube Elections Hub since it launched on Wednesday,” but declined to provide specifics. It’s likely those millions are solely DeFranco’s.)Success with Internet-Savvy AudiencesThe list of highest-performing partners – Al Jazeera English, BuzzFeed and DeFranco –  makes sense as all three have a strong Web presence and appeal to a young Internet-savvy audience. DeFranco, who is a YouTube staple, generated at least 50,000 views per video (approaching 1 million on some). Millennials have left comments on his political videos along the line of, “I’ve never voted before, but now I think I will.” DeFranco fans swing Democratic, judging by the relative popularity of his videos, so high viewership of his RNC coverage is telling of his charisma.Conversely, YouTube Elections Hub shows that are meant to appeal to older audiences are failing. Some on-demand episodes of the Larry King Live Web show – presenting guests like Ben Stein and Tanya Acker –  have struggled to break 100 views.  Larry King has more than a million fans on Twitter, but apparently none of them are watching him on YouTube.Ineffective PromotionNonetheless, YouTube is committed to the project. “We’ll keep supporting the Hub with marketing and promotion on YouTube so that people know when major political moments are taking place, and they can check them out live,” the YouTube spokesperson wrote. This advertising strategy is problematic because YouTubers who are already on the site and interested in the election are clearly watching DeFranco’s coverage, and a DeFranco fan would not watch Larry King Live and may not have even heard of him. DeFranco heavily promotes his own shows and does not rely on the video site to promote his Elections Hub programming.Many Election Hub partners are not promoting their own YouTube coverage themselves, perhaps relying on the Google-owned company to do it for them.  Chaotic PartnershipsEven more confusing is the disunity: At press time, New York Times was livestreaming an interview with a pundit about the upcoming DNC through a video player on its own Politics front page, not through YouTube; visit the New York Times Election Hub page on YouTube and no stream of that interview can be found. Then there is a video of New York Times’ Jim Roberts interviewing BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith from the RNC floor on the impact of social media during this election cycle (President Obama on Reddit, tweets about Romney’s VP pick, Ryan) that has only 200 views. This video was not embedded on the New York Time’s site or even linked to BuzzFeed.Checking the ABC News and Wall Street Journal sites reveals a similar lack of promotional coordination.YouTube’s Election Hub won’t be the “long-term success” that the Google-owned company hopes for if the partners don’t bother doing the legwork themselves. Cross-promoting is social media (and YouTube) 101.  Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting fruzsina eordogh 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Dear Nintendo: Give Me Super Mario On My iPhone Already

first_imgTags:#Android#iOS#mobile#Nintendo#video games Dear Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, I write to you not as a know-it-all tech analysis pontificator or even a hardcore gamer. I’m just a guy who spent his childhood Saturday afternoons hunting for 8-bit Warp Whistles and Tanooki Suits in Super Mario Bros 3 for Nintendo. And I have a simple idea. As you know, Nintendo hasn’t been doing so well lately. Your recently-revealed plans to bring smartphone-style apps to the Wii U represent a step in the right direction. If you want Nintendo to truly thrive in age of mobile computing, however, I’d suggest a willingness to go even further: bring Super Mario to my iPhone.That is to say, Nintendo should let casual gamers like me have the option of downloading old NES and Super Nintendo games to our iOS and Android devices. Mario. Zelda. Kirby. Metroid. Charge us a few bucks for them. We’ll pay. And you’ll have our undivided attention on the devices to which we’re already glued. Those of us who are semi-serious enough to consider buying stand-alone gaming consoles would be even more likely to do so. Just delight us. You see, competition for our collective attention span has never been more fierce. Now’s your chance to grab a chunk of it. The Wii Is 7, And Nintendo Is StrugglingOne year ago, your company posted its first-ever operating loss,  shedding $458 million due to lackluster hardware and game sales. Nintendo was fortunate enough to return to profitability this year, but sales of the new Wii U and 3DS consoles haven’t been nearly as high as anticipated. It’s a sharp contrast from 2006 when the first Wii launched. Much to my delight, my brother gave me one for Christmas only after hunting one down for weeks by going from store to store. Demand was huge and business was booming, you’ll recall. These days, finding a Wii U is easy. The problem is that fewer of us want them.Over time, sales of the original Wii naturally declined, as they will for the Wii U. Seemingly, the best conventional hope you have of driving those numbers north lies in slashing the price (which won’t help profits) and releasing must-have games for the console and hoping that they’re good — and well-publicized — enough to pique the interest of everyday consumers, whose attention is now firmly fixated elsewhere. Shortly after the original Wii’s hugely successful launch, another sought-after piece of hardware was unveiled. When Steve Jobs first held up the iPhone on stage in 2007, it marked the beginning of a revolution in personal computing and a shift in how casual gamers discover and play video games. Many of the very same people enthralled by the mainstream appeal of the Wii were now unboxing iPhones and downloading Angry Birds. Apple has since sold more than 500 million iOS devices, a number that only continues to grow alongside similarly impressive figures from Android. Bring Mario And Luigi Into The Smartphone AgeAs the the mobile age has unfolded, Mario and Luigi have been nowhere to be found, remaining stubbornly locked up in your company’s proprietary hardware. Unless one jailbreaks the device and downloads an emulator, playing classic NES and Super Nintendo games on iOS is out the question. It’s unfortunate for consumers and it seems like a huge missed opportunity for Nintendo. Since I bought my first iPhone in 2008, I’ve had this discussion with more people than I can count. If only you could buy the original Mario games, the Legend of Zelda and other NES classics on iOS, it would be so awesome. Yes, the other person and I always agree, we would pay for that. The more games, the more money we’d plunk down. It’s not just gamers and geeks, either. People who have absolutely no discernible interest in video games generally still harbor a nostalgic attachment to the side scrolling adventures they grew up playing.  Take Super Mario Brothers 3, which was released in the U.S. in 1990. Like most kids I knew at the time, I was positively addicted to that game. To this day, it remains the highest-grossing non-bundled video game in history. The only way to buy it now is by downloading it to the Wii or Wii U via Nintendo’s online marketplace. That’s great if you have a Wii, but not everyone is going to buy a gaming console, even one as mainstream-friendly as the Wii or Wii U.Indeed, the original Wii has sold just shy of 100 million units since its launch. That’s less than one-fifth of the number of iOS devices in the world. Meanwhile, Android is on track to hit 1 billion activations later this year.  That’s a lot of potential customers, and Nintendo is ignoring them. Make It A Hardware Play I know what you’re going to say, Mr. Iwata. We’re Nintendo. That’s just not how we do things. If people want to play our games, they have to use our hardware. End of story. I’m not proposing that Nintendo abandon its gaming hardware business or even open up its new games to alternative platforms. But the mobile ecosystems of today are too massive to sanely ignore. A company like Nintendo could find a healthy new revenue stream by making already-popular titles available in these enormous marketplaces, where millions — and before long, billions — of potential customers are waiting. Another obvious (and totally fair) objection is that these old school games aren’t made for touch screens. And it’s true. Playing Zelda on an iPhone could be a potentially annoying experience. Here’s where another opportunity exists for Nintendo: Design a sleek, fold-out smartphone case that doubles as a vintage NES gamepad that works with Nintendo-developed apps. For tablets, sell us something similar that fits the form factor and makes gameplay a pleasure. Make it an attachable accessory or a wireless Nintendo-branded controller. Either way, we’ll happily give you our money for it. Rake In New Cash — Maybe Even Console BuyersWill mobile games and smartphone-compatible hardware rake in as much as $300 consoles and $50 games? Probably not. But such a strategy could add a potentially healthy revenue stream that could help supplement what Nintendo brings in from its own hardware sales without cannibalizing them.In fact, by tapping into these ecosystems and making a play for our attention spans, Nintendo could reel in new customers, giving them a taste for its characters and gameplay (or reigniting their love of the Mushroom Kingdom). Such a move would represent a bold departure from Nintendo’s well-established strategy of tying games exclusively to its own hardware, but it only has to be as radical as Nintendo wants. Start with a few NES titles for iOS and if the results are strong, expand to other titles and platforms. If not, let these iOS games bring in a few extra bucks while you focus on recapturing the living room. Bold, yes. But as plenty of other industries have learned, the proliferation of mobile devices has upended the way things used to be. Thriving sometimes requires rethinking old paradigms. Besides, if Super Mario Brothers 3 wouldn’t skyrocket to the top of the App Store charts over night, I’d be totally shocked.   Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …center_img The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces john paul titlowlast_img read more

Create a Simple Submix in Adobe Premiere Pro

first_imgNeed to apply audio and effect changes to multiple audio tracks — all at the same time? No problem. Follow these steps to create a submix in Adobe Premiere Pro.Image via ShutterstockA submix is an audio track that combines audio signals/tracks and routes them to your master track. Submixes can be mono, stereo, or 5.1 surround. They come in handy when you want to apply the same audio or effect settings to multiple audio tracks at the same time. Here’s a quick video tutorial that covers the three-step process of creating a simple submix in Adobe Premiere Pro.Now that you’ve watched the video, here’s a step-by-step guide.Step 1: Create a New Audio Submix TrackRight/control click in the track header and select Add Audio Submix Track. If you take a look at your submix track in the Audio Track Mixer panel, you’ll notice a few differences.First, the submix track background is a shade darker than other audio tracks. You’ll also notice the lack of a record button. Submix tracks can’t contain clips, so you can’t record to them. Therefore, they don’t contain any recording or device input options or clip editing properties.Step 2: Assign Track OutputsIn the mixer panel, just above the pan dial, you’ll see the Track Output/Assignment dropdown menu. This is where you can assign your audio tracks to your submix. When you assign a track to a submix, the output signal contains all properties specified for that track, including automation, effects, pan/balance, solo/mute, and fader settings.Step 3: Apply Audio and Effect Changes to SubmixTo add an effect, click on the Show/Hide Effects and Sends triangle at the top of the Audio Track Mixer panel. For this example, I added a Pitch Shifter effect to my submix track. Submixes go a bit easier on your computer’s processor by allowing you to apply one instance of an effect instead of multiple instances.If you’re looking for additional Premiere Pro tips, we’ve got you covered! Got any tips of your own you’d like to share? Do so in the comments below!last_img read more

Cong., BJP begin exercise to identify bypoll candidates

first_imgThe ruling Congress and Opposition BJP in Rajasthan have started the exercise for identifying candidates for by-elections to two Assembly seats — Mandawa and Khinvsar — scheduled for October 21. After facing defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, the bypolls will be a challenge for the Congress, while the BJP pins its hopes on new State president Satish Poonia.The by-elections were necessitated after the sitting MLAs vacated the seats following their election to Lok Sabha. Mandawa MLA Narendra Khichar won as the BJP MP from Jhunjhunu, while Rashtriya Loktantrik Party MLA from Khinvsar, Hanuman Beniwal, won from Nagaur after his regional party entered into an alliance with the BJP and joined the NDA just before general elections.The candidates’ nominations can be filed till September 30 and the date for withdrawal of candidature will be October 3. After the polling on October 21, the results will be declared on October 24, according to the Election Commission.Impact on civic pollsThe by-elections are important for Congress because of their perceptible impact on the municipal polls due in November this year, for which the rival factions in the party wish to field their favourite candidates with the winning potential. Moreover, the party wants to send across a message of its effective governance even after its defeat at all the 25 Lok Sabha seats in the State.For the BJP, the appointment of Mr. Poonia — a Jat leader with strong association with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh — as the party chief may help at the two Jat-dominated seats. The party is yet to make up its mind on entering into alliance with the RLP, though former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje may not play a major role in the candidates’ selection, unlike in the Lok Sabha polls.Mr. Beniwal said on Monday that the RLP-BJP alliance would contest both the Assembly seats and he would like to field his party’s candidate in Khinvsar. “We are willing to support the BJP candidate in Mandawa. The final decision will be take at a meeting of office-bearers of both the parties in a couple of days,” he said.The Congress, which has strengthened its position in the State Assembly after the recent merger of six Bahujan Samaj Party MLAs, may give ticket to a member of Nagaur district’s influential Mirdha family. The party has lost the Khinvsar seat during the last three successive elections, as Mr. Beniwal won first on the BJP ticket in 2008 and later as an Independent in 2013 and as the RLP candidate in 2018.Mandawa was earlier considered a stronghold of veteran Congress leader Ram Narayan Chaudhary, who died in 2012. His daughter Rita Chaudhary defeated Mr. Khichar in 2008, but the latter emerged victorious as an Independent in 2013 and and as a BJP candidate in 2018.last_img read more