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15 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Twin Peaks

first_imgStay on target The 11 Weirdest ‘Scooby-Doo’ Guest StarsGive Some Damn Fine Gifts With This Twin Peaks Gift Guide We can’t think of a TV show that’s had a bigger gap between seasons than Twin Peaks. David Lynch’s breakthrough 1991 series brought his unique sensibility to the American airwaves and, it can be argued, changed the way dramatic television ran. While it certainly took inspiration from nighttime soaps and serial dramas, the way Twin Peaks flirted with horror, comedy, and melodrama while adopting unusual ways of establishing scenes and characters can be seen in some of today’s greatest shows.Part of the appeal of Twin Peaks was mystery, and Lynch and Frost left plenty of things up in the air throughout. We’re not expecting everything to get wrapped up in a neat little bundle like the idiotic end of Lost, but if we have a whole season to play with we’d like to see at least some of these things figured out.What Killer BOB’s Been Doing For 25 YearsThe third season is supposed to take place 25 years after the original went off the air, and the unforgettable last scene of the series – Dale Cooper returned from the Black Lodge with the spirit of BOB now riding his body like a bike – prophesied grim tidings to come. We’re going to assume that there wasn’t any kind of exorcism conducted in between and he’s been out there raising hell and murdering teenage girls this whole time. Throw in the part where Laura Palmer tells Cooper she’ll “see him in 25 years” and the stage is set for a confrontation.How Time Works In The Black LodgeIn exchange for BOB being allowed to wander the earth in Dale Cooper’s body, Coop’s essence was trapped in the Black Lodge, the mysterious extradimensional realm where spirits must pass through “on the way to perfection.” The show’s legends say that you encounter your “shadow self” there, and without courage, your soul is destroyed. It would be truly sadistic for the show to tell Cooper’s story without a hint of redemption, so we expect the man himself to bust out of the Lodge and back into his own body – or maybe somebody else’s?How It Connects To Lynch’s Other FilmsDavid Lynch has publicly stated that Twin Peaks takes place in the same fictional universe as his movies Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive. Both of those films deal with identity and transformation and share one of Lynch’s main obsessions: the externalization of emotions as physical forces and characters in the world. We’re not asking for a post-credits scene of BOB, Mr. Eddy and the goofed up burned creature behind Winkies all eating a shawarma together or anything, but it’d be neat to explore further into this idea.How Much Major Briggs KnowsOne of the most fascinating and nuanced characters in the show is Major Garland Briggs, the father of surly teen heartthrob Bobby. At first positioned as an uncaring authority figure who is clueless to the insanity going on around him, we soon learn that Briggs has some deep connections to the occult madness that has infected the town. In fact, the Secret History of Twin Peaks book reveals that he was assigned to the Air Force to be stationed there specifically to investigate the unusual goings-on in the place back in the 1970s. How much of Windom Earle’s plans and BOB’s mayhem was the Major privy to?What Happened To Audrey HorneAs played by Sherilyn Fenn, Audrey Horne was the raw libido of Twin Peaks, a predatory teenage seductress with a thing for Dale Cooper. After tying a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue, Audrey goes undercover at One-Eyed Jacks to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer and stand around in fancy lingerie. The show originally wanted to push a romance between her and Cooper, but Kyle MacLachlan shot the idea down. In the second season finale, Audrey chained herself to a bank vault to protest a forest being logged, only to presumably be killed when a bomb exploded. She’s scheduled to come back for the new season, so hopefully we’ll get closure here.How Nadine Got Superhuman StrengthI know, I know, “adrenaline,” but that doesn’t explain everything. When Nadine Hurley attempts suicide by overdosing on pills, she comes out of a coma believing that she’s eighteen again and eventually ends up going back to high school. She’s also nearly immune to pain and insanely strong. While adrenaline can certainly give you quick bursts of superhuman physical energy, it typically doesn’t last for weeks. And there was already something pretty off about Nadine even before the incident. Wendy Robie, who played Nadine, is back for the new season.Who The Father Of Lucy’s Baby IsThere was a lot going on in any given episode of Twin Peaks. One of the many subplots involved receptionist Lucy Moran’s pregnancy. While we first think Deputy Andy’s the man who made the little one, his low sperm count calls that into question and clothing salesman Dick Tremayne comes into the picture. Eventually, she makes the decision just to choose Andy as the father despite not knowing, but unanswered questions are heavy on the ground with this show, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the kid – who is now probably a grown up, terrifyingly – has some sort of role in the third season.Where James WentJames Hurley is one of the most polarizing characters on the show, a brooding bad boy second only to Bobby Briggs in obnoxiousness. And when he busts out a guitar and sings the bizarre “Just You And I” in a falsetto voice, it’s awkward as hell. But when James hopped on his motorcycle and rode out of town towards the end of the second season, the last we heard from him was a postcard from San Francisco. In that, he said he might head off to Mexico, but what kind of shenanigans could a young man with nothing to lose get up to in 25 years? And will his connection with Twin Peaks bring him back home?What Happened To Windom EarleAfter the murder of Laura Palmer was “solved,” the show had to introduce a new antagonist. It did so in the form of Windom Earle, a former FBI agent gone rogue who comes to Twin Peaks to bedevil Coop with a murderous game of chess. Earle’s endgame is to get entrance to the Black Lodge, where he thinks that he’ll be able to pierce the veil of reality and be rewarded with Agent Cooper’s soul in the bargain. BOB isn’t having any of that, though, and the last we see of Earle he’s having his head set afire by the killer. Actor Kenneth Welch isn’t on the list of people cast for the new season, but he hasn’t said he’s not on the show either, so Earle’s fate may still be up in the air.Where Josie Packard’s Spirit IsOne of the big themes of Twin Peaks is the transmigration of souls. Once you’re unmoored from your human body, you can wind up pretty much anywhere – like a log, for instance. When Josie Packard dies in the second season, a bunch of weird stuff happens – Cooper gets a vision of the Black Lodge and BOB, and when her body is found it weighs an impossible 65 pounds. Her face appears in a drawer pull at the Great Northern and then Pete says he sees her in the fireplace. One popular theory is that her spirit was pushed into the wood of the hotel. Joan Chen isn’t returning for the 2017 series, so we might not get closure on this one.What Garmonbozia Is ForIntroduced in Fire Walk With Me, the substance known as garmonbozia is one of the most perplexing elements of the show’s mythos. Manifesting visually as creamed corn, it’s a physical embodiment of pain and suffering that is consumed by BOB and other denizens of the Black Lodge. Much of their activity on this plane of existence is designed to make people produce it, and the town of Twin Peaks seems to be affected by it. We’re not looking for a midichlorians-like over-explanation of what the hell this stuff is, but it’s too tempting a plot device to be left hanging.How Many Spider Bites Leo GotTwin Peaks wasn’t much for feel-good moments, but when Leo Johnson gets tied up by Windom Earle with a cage full of tarantulas suspended over his head one of the show’s biggest dickheads finally got what was coming to him. Leo’s constant presence as a malevolent, perverted sociopath added some much-needed danger to the proceedings, and we’re sad to hear that actor Eric Da Re won’t be coming back for the third season. It’s probably fair to assume that the spiders fell sometime during those 25 years, but hopefully, we’ll get a little bit of closure so we can gloat about a bad dude coming to a bad end.How The Log Lady Talks To The DeadProbably the most iconic Twin Peaks character is Margaret Lanterman, better known as the Log Lady. The quirky widow is always toting around a chunk of wood, in which resides the spirit of her dead lumberjack husband. While the advice she gives Agent Cooper isn’t always pertinent, she’s responsible for the climax of the series when she gives him oil from Glastonbury Grove, allowing him to gain entrance to the Black Lodge. Although actress Catherine Coulson has passed away, she did film some scenes for the 2017 season, so hopefully we’ll learn more about her unusual bond.Who Diane IsAgent Cooper’s frequent tape-recorded narrations to “Diane” helped lead us through the show’s twisty plot, as he explained things for, presumably, review at FBI headquarters. But who is this Diane exactly and how much does she know. Frequent David Lynch collaborator Laura Dern is signed on for the new season of Twin Peaks, and some people are speculating that she’ll play Diane, who has come to town to hunt down Dale Cooper – or the man pretending to be him.How Annie IsThe introduction of Annie Blackburn towards the end of the series perplexed fans – a new female character comes out of nowhere and captivates Agent Cooper? To what ends? She was essentially an avatar of his lost love, Windom Earle’s wife Caroline, and when Earle kidnaps Annie to lure Cooper into the Black Lodge he trades his soul for her safety. We know she makes it out alive and is hospitalized, but the BOB-possessed Cooper’s last spoken words on the show – “How’s Annie?” – make us pretty afraid for her safety.last_img read more