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Career file: David Hawbrook

first_imgCareer file: David HawbrookOn 1 May 2001 in Personnel Today Thepage where readers expose their careers Thismonth David Hawbrook, 39, group development manager at Wolverhampton &Dudley Breweries, talks about the variety in his job. He has just won thetrainer of the year award from the British Institute of InnkeepingHowlong have you been in this job? Eighteen months, but 10 years with Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries.Whatdoes your role involve?A varied role, incorporating recruitment and training. While my mainresponsibilities are the development of people in the retail concept side ofour business (Tavern Table, Varsity, TP Woods, Merchant Stores and Poacher’sPockets), I am also heavily involved in organising and delivering training formanagers throughout the entire retail business.Whatis your current major strategic push?The majority of my time is currently split between two key priorities. Thefirst is our Acorn College Assistant Management Development Programme, which isdesigned to create, from within, our managers of tomorrow. The second priority isthat of our Tavern Table food concept, launched just before Christmas. The goalis to deliver to guests great service, to a standard above that traditionallygiven by branded food operations. This requires exceptional training and aculture of team work to create committed employees.Whatis your preferred terminology?  Development – that’s what people are doing, developing their skills,attitude, knowledge and behaviour.FavouritebuzzwordsI’m not really a buzzword person, but do quite like “Quality throughPeople” Mostloathed buzzwordsI hate it when people use abbreviations, its just being lazy and oftenconfuses – what’s wrong with saying the words in full?Areyou good at self-development?Yes, I really enjoy gaining new skills and knowledge, however only in whatI want. I am quite resistant to learning things that others want or force me to– so in true learning cycle manner I must be motivated to start!Whatself-development have you done in the past six months? I am currently doing a postgraduate CIPD Diploma at Nottingham TrentUniversity. Last year I also became a licenced tutor for the Stonebow CTA andGTT courses.Whatwas the most useful course you ever went on or learning experience you everhad?Being trained one-to-one on how to sell ideas and negotiate with people –it works.Whatwas the worst course you ever went on?It’s got to be Health and Safety – it may be a dull subject, but I believeit can be made interesting.Howdid you want to make a living when you were at school?Doing what I am doing now.Whatwas your first job?Working behind a bar.Whichof your qualifications do you most value, and why?My Hotel and Catering Management degree as it has provided the foundationsfor everything else.Whatwas the best career decision you ever made?Specialising in training and development. Whatwas the worst?In a way I haven’t made one. Even if I take the worst job I ever had, whichwas being involved with hotels, my boss inadvertently taught me a lot – how notto treat people! Wheredo you want to be in five years’ time?In a senior position where I am respected for making serious contributionsto the quality of people and the resulting service they deliver to others. Whatadvice would you give to someone starting out in training and development? Get some operational/line management experience and build up yourreputation in the business to which you are associated. This gives you morecredibility.Whatdo you think the core skills for your job will be in the future?Communication, focus, determination, creativity.Howdo you network?By keeping in touch with current and former colleagues. Evaluation– holy grail or impossible dream? Holy Grail – job satisfaction comes partly from proving that developmentworks.Whatis your motto?“Have fun, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”Describeyour management style in three words or lessEnergetic and demanding.Howwould you like to be remembered by your colleagues?By being remembered and missed! Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more