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Dead & Company Welcome Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon At Alpine Valley Closer [Videos/Photos]

first_imgLoad remaining images On Saturday night, Dead & Company concluded their two-night run at the legendary Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin. As per tradition in a multi-night run, the Grateful Dead-inspired band flexed their creativity by expanding upon a wicked first night and adding new flavors for round two. Fifteen shows into the summer tour and Dead & Company welcomed their first guest to the stage on Saturday night, vocalist/guitarist Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, to close the first set.The first set opened with an appropriate “The Music Never Stopped”, led by Grateful Dead original Bob Weir and newfound Dead Head John Mayer, kicking off night two in total celebration mode. A cover of Rob Wasserman‘s “Easy Answers” came next, marking the third performance of this tour and the fourth ever.The Music Never StoppedJohn Mayer and Bob Weir continued to swap vocals between “Alabama Getaway”, “Big River”, and “Jack Straw” before welcoming their guest, Justin Vernon, marking the first of the tour. The Eau Claire native contributed his sultry vocals and silky guitar pickings to “Black Muddy River”, “Friend of the Devil”, and “Bird Song” to close the first set. Vernon is most well known for his signature style of singing in his own indie folk band Bon Iver. Most recently, Vernon announced a new band with Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National, who released a Grateful Dead tribute album in 2016, Day of the Dead, and even recorded and toured with Bob Weir as part of his Campfire Band in 2017. On Day of the Dead, Vernon’s first band DeYarmond Edison backed Bruce Hornsby on a studio version of “Black Muddy River”, and the version was revived at Vernon’s own Eaux Claires Music Festival in 2016. While the sit-in might have felt random to longtime Grateful Dead fans, it’s an interesting step forward in the evolution of the band’s live repertoire.“Bird Song” with Justin Vernon[Video: Milwaukee Live]After the scheduled break, Dead & Company returned to the moonlit stage for a rocking second set. Bob Weir, John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti harmoniously sung The Band‘s “The Weight” to open the second set, marking the song’s third performance of the tour and the sixth ever. The high notes continued with “Shakedown Street”, “Althea”, and a “China Cat Sunflower” > “I Know You Rider” of the ages, turning heads of fans everywhere calling it the “set of the tour”. The percussionists kept the momentum for a far-out “Drums / Space” portion of the evening before the rest of the band returned to the stage.The WeightChina Cat > I Know You Rider[Video: Still Dead]The tour’s second and sixth ever “All Along The Watchtower” came next, as Bob Weir took lead on the Bob Dylan classic. Weir continued with the lead vocal duty to close the show with “Standing on the Moon” and “Sugar Magnolia”. During the latter, Weir’s microphone stopped working and he gave the stand a powerful smack to the ground. After his technician came to revive the microphone stand, Weir jokingly gave it a “test” before taking the first verse of the song. Dead & Company encored with “One More Saturday Night” to close their show.[Video: Uberdemon76]Dead & Company have a bit of a break before they head to George, Washington for a night at the Gorge Amphitheatre on June 29th, before they continue their way throughout the Midwest. Check out their full tour schedule on the band’s official website here.Setlist: Dead & Company | Alpine Valley Music Theatre | East Troy, WI | 6/23/2018I: Music Never Stopped, Easy Answers, Alabama Getaway, Big River, Jackstraw, Black Muddy River*, Friend Of The Devil*II: The Weight, Shakedown Street, Althea, China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Drums/Space > Watchtower > Standing on the Moon, Sugar MagnoliaE: One More Saturday NightDead & Company | Alpine Valley Music Theatre | East Troy, WI | 6/23/2018 | Photos: Daniel Ojedalast_img read more

Animal Crossing fans are skeptical of Zipper T. Bunny’s true intentions

first_img https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/ab/e7/zipper-t-bunny-hop_yt10a7vrlrav1q7cida8w7ghp.png?t=986971113&w=500&quality=80 MORE: Everything to know about Animal Crossing’s Bunny DayBut if you play long enough, you’ll become skeptical of his true intentions.Sure, Zipper T. Bunny appears to have simply spreaded eggs across the map and wants you to gather them up to create items for yourself. But players have tried to learn more about this new character and have discovered some interesting things about the bunny known as Zipper.For starters, he puts on a show every time you look at him. When you get in his vicinity, Zipper will start hopping around. But if you leave the camera on him and vacate the area, suddenly he’s not so hoppy.HE GOES OUT OF CHARACTER WHEN YOU LEAVE HIS LINE OF SIGHT pic.twitter.com/zlOENmKFOP— bennie (@andthejets) April 1, 2020And when you meet him, Zipper pulls out this dialogue: “I know what you’re thinking. No. This is NOT a costume. And don’t you go snoopin’, got it?”Despite Zipper’s claim that he’s not wearing a costume, there’s clearly a zipper on his back. So what happens if you can somehow manage to unzip Zipper? Something truly horrifying, or will it simply reveal the man behind the costume? Many players have tried to figure it out, but Zipper won’t let you behind him.he wont let you look behind him at his zipper lmao #AnimalCrossing #ACNH pic.twitter.com/ac4otHXwlG— 𝚎𝚖 || 🌸 CHERRY BLOSSOM SEASON 🌸 (@minisproid) April 1, 2020However, some players have developed a tactic.If you use a reaction while standing in front of Zipper, you can trick him into reacting back. This will buy you enough time to stand behind Zipper. But he’ll quickly realize what you’re doing and offer up some sort of dialogue. In the video below he responds, “Seriously, cut that out! Last warning. Instead of looking, why don’t you try listening for once.”In another video he responds, “Excuse me, but could you please stop staring at my back? It’s rude. Won’t find anything back there anyway.”you can get behind zipper by using a reaction #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch pic.twitter.com/ArNCChEnC9— Glitchmaster270 (@YT_GM270) April 1, 2020Clearly Zipper is hiding something. He would not get so upset about you getting behind him if he had nothing to hide.Because of this, and other reasons, players have become skeptical of Zipper and his place on the Animal Crossing island. One player spoke with their island neighbors and discovered Zipper had been harassing the others living with them.Zipper is TERRORIZING my neighbors i want this bitch GONE #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch pic.twitter.com/8wFUIfc0Aa— Son Gohan fan club (@Qyvoz_) April 2, 2020Another resorted to retaliation.Since he thinks it’s funny hiding stuff on my island… Who’s laughing now, Zipper? #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch pic.twitter.com/880tBzm19H— ✨Bry✨ (@Abra_bee) April 1, 2020Others are simply concerned for their safety. There is no eggscape. from r/AnimalCrossing… I feel unsafe from r/AnimalCrossingEvery time I run into Zipper on the island from r/AnimalCrossingThere are no fish, Only Eggs. from r/AnimalCrossingHE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!ZIPPER IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!LOOK OUT!!!OH GOD SHES WEARING AIRPODS PRO WITH UP TO 4.5 HOURS OF LISTENING TIME PER CHARGE SHE CANT HEAR US!!!OH NO OH FU- pic.twitter.com/7c901xK8uy— chloe 🧸 (@wisptheghost) April 1, 2020So who is Zipper T. Bunny?Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn’t Zipper’s first appearance. He’s also appeared in the City Folk, New Leaf and Pocket Camp versions of the game. Ever since his first appearance, there’s been discussions about his actual identity. Since he’s so adament about not being in a costume, many believe he actually is in a costume. Plus, you know, the whole zipper in the back. Animal Crossing Fandom has a few theories as to the real identity of Zipper.From Fandom:Tortimer is one such candidate given the “T” may have stood for “Tortimer”; however, Tortimer can be seen in his normal spot in Town Hall during Wild World on Bunny Day thereby making it impossible for him to also be Zipper. … The only normal villager who has been widely speculated to be Zipper is Hopkins given both of the lazy villager voice and share the same birthday, though Hopkins, like the other candidates, can be seen on his normal routine during Bunny Day thereby dispelling the possibility he is Zipper.It’s also possible that Zipper simply is telling the truth and is not wearing a costume. Maybe the zipper on his back is simply for the blue overalls he’s wearning, and has nothing to do with a costume. But don’t expect everyone to buy into that theory.center_img Now that April has arrived, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has started its Easter event Bunny Day.This event lasts from April 1 to April 12 and features a new character named Zipper T. Bunny. If you’ve played the game at all this month, you’ve probably spotted him somewhere on the map. He roams around and appears to be in a constant state of happiness and hopping.last_img read more