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French Mayor Attacks Muslims Since When Do Arsonists Protect Churches

New York – Robert Ménard, the French Mayor known for his anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric, attacked Muslims’ message of love toward Christians saying, “Since when do arsonists protect from fires?”The French politician strongly condemned the actions of members of the Muslim community who came together to guard Christian churches in France, during midnight Christmas Mass on Friday.Ménard, Mayor of Béziers, in southern France, lashed out at the group of Muslims, whom he called “anti-Israel” who protected Christmas Mass at a Catholic church in Béziers. “So the Christmas Mass at the Church of La Devèze was held under the so-called “protection” of a group of Muslims,” Ménard said in a communiqué published by the city of Béziers’ official website.“In what country do we live? Where is France?” he added criticizing the “Muslim militia” as he mockingly called it.The anti-Muslim politician insulted Muslims calling them “arsonists”.“A Muslim militia “protecting” a Catholic church. Against who? Hordes of Buddhist monks? Siberian shamans?” he said, adding, “Since when do arsonists protect from fires?”Using a sarcastic analogy, the Frenchman associated all Muslims with terrorism.In addition, Ménard stressed that Béziers will put an end to the “Muslim patrols” because they are “not in line with the laws of the State.”As if he had not made himself clear, he took on to his Twitter account on Saturday and posted two tweets that did not leave any doubts on his anti-Islam ideas.“#Muslim militias” ‘who protect’ our #churches. A foretaste of Lebanonisation of #France” Ménard posted.Moreover, the man who claims to love the spirit of Christmas, as long as it fits into his judeo-christian ideals, had no issue with the ransacking of a mosque in Ajaccio, France on Christmas Day.“#Corse: The riots of #Ajaccio are the consequence of the total laxity of the French ‘State” he tweeted.Béziers was not the only city where Muslims protected Christian churches during Christmas Mass.In Lens (Pas-de-Calais), northern France, a dozen Muslim men also guarded one of the city’s churches. However, Lens authorities and residents showed gratitude to such generous gesture.Robert Ménard has been promoting hatred and bigotry against Muslims in the recent months.“I want to regain our France…that of Louix XIV, Napoleon, and if the Ministry of the Interior authorizes me, that of Charles Martel,” Ménard said on December 2, referring to the ruler of the Franks who fought Muslim armies at the Battle of Poitiers in 732.In October, Béziers Mayor declared that he would not allow the opening of more kébab shops in his city to protect the “Judeo-Christian tradition” of France.“At some point, too much is too much. When there are too many immigrants in a country, it’s too many immigrants,” he said to France 2 TV in regards to Muslim immigrants. read more